Today is a eyes open. Black fungus can be done.

There is no rehearsal in life, and the food is not beautiful.I will share a food with fungus today.Everything in the world is caused by whether each creature has the name of a creature. As for why it is called that name, it is a certain reason.For example, fungus, fungus grows on the top of rotten, and because it grows like a very ears, it is called fungus. This is the origin of the fungus name.

【Fried fungus】

Prepare ingredients: fungus, eggs, starch, bread bran, edible oil, white vinegar

The specific method steps are as follows:

1. The iron content in the fungus is very rich. Many people feel that the iron content of the pork liver is already very high.As everyone knows, the iron content in the fungus is seven times that of the iron content in the pork liver.Eating fungus often makes people glowing, play a beauty and beauty, and it can also have the effect of clearing the lungs.

2. Next, we need to use fungus with eggs to make a delicious one. Add an appropriate amount of sugar and warm water to the fungus to soak the fungus for 15 minutes.After 15 minutes, clean the fungus and squeeze out the water.In addition, take out a large bowl, pour water in the bowl and add a few drops of white vinegar, put it in the fungus and wash it.

3. After adding white vinegar, wash the fungus again, and then squeeze the water into the large bowl after washing.Take out a small bowl, hit two eggs in the bowl, stir the eggs, pour the egg liquid into the fungus that just cleaned, and quickly stir it with chopsticks.

4. Put 20 grams of starch in the bowl and continue to stir with chopsticks.Stir the fungus and starch evenly to ensure that each fungus is wrapped in starch.After stirring, use the chopsticks to pinch the fungus and put it in the bread bran prepared in advance, wrap it with a layer of bread bran, and wrap all the fungus on a layer of bread bran.

5. Heat the pan, pour more edible oil in, the oil temperature is 50 % heat, put the fungus that just wrapped in bread bran, and fry it. After putting all the fungus one by one, use chopsticks to keep stirring the pan with chopsticks.The fungus of the middle can be evenly heated, and can also avoid frying fungus.

6. Fry the fungus until golden and crispy, and then use the colander to remove all the oil control and put them in the plate prepared in advance.It takes 8 minutes to take the whole process for 8 minutes. A delicious fried fungus is ready. It tastes crispy and delicious, and the method is simple. Come and try it!

7. In daily life, we all stir -fry the fungus or eat coldly, and few people choose to fried.Today we blew up the fungus like this. It tastes particularly delicious and can keep the nutrition in the fungus well.It is so delicious to make such a small snack.Those who like to eat quickly follow it, let’s try it together!

【Love Tips】

1. When cleaning the fungus, remember if the white vinegar goes in, so that you can wash the fungus cleaner;

2. Remember to keep stirring throughout the process of fried fungus to avoid frying it.

Today’s food is shared here. I share a common food for everyone every day. Thank you for watching. Friends who like it.See you tomorrow, thank you!

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