To give birth to a son, there are two abortion, which makes the body cannot have children anymore. Is such a obsession worth it?

Recently, I returned to my hometown for a while. I happened to be a sisters who grew up together because of the riding electric vehicle and fractured her arms. The aunt took her and her four -year -old granddaughter to take care of it.Also live in her mother’s house.

During this time in her mother’s house, either she took the child to my house to play, or I took the child to her house to play.But when I went home, I found that when I was chatting with her, she sometimes stunned.

Although I do n’t often be at home, I also probably know her business. In October 1 last year, I went home and opened a video to ask her when she was free to play. She was hospitalized at the time.It is said that the heart is not very good. For several years, from time to time, it is panicked, and it will be dizzy.

Her husband has a brother, a younger brother, and a brother’s family has a daughter. She is in elementary school. My brother and sister -in -law work are all doctors. They are all rising in their careers.My brother was still in school at that time.The mother -in -law wanted to hug her grandson, so she urged them to have a second child.

So when her daughter was one year old, she told me that she was ready to have a second child. In May 1st last year, I went home and met my neighbor’s mother.The aunt said that there was abortion in the past.I asked that it was flowing, the aunt said she didn’t want it.I didn’t ask a lot.I just told her to pay more attention to her body.

When I went home to talk about this to my mother, my mother said that it had been flowing twice this year.I said why, it’s not good for my body.My mother said that because she was pregnant with a daughter, I said that her daughter was a daughter. Since she wanted a second child, the two daughters were also good.Why is it right to ask for your son?It hurts so much to your body.

I said at the time that she would have a wedding when she was married. If she was overworked, the first child did not retain.Now there are two other flows. After that, if you want your child, your body will be affected.My mother said that the concept of this kind of boy who wanted boys in the village still had a great impact.

In the past two years, I have returned, and I have n’t mentioned the second child, but I just said that the two children could n’t see it.I also probably understand that since her miscarriage, her body is always painful from time to time, and her heart is not good. If she is pregnant, she may have a certain risk.

She said that her mother -in -law had always brought her her children before, and cleaned up her family. The child also saw it well. In the past two years, it is estimated that because she did not hold her grandson, the family’s sanitation would not be done.His elder brother was transferred back to his hometown, because both of them went to work. For fairness, it was said that it was better to show his elder brother’s house for ten days and show her ten -day children for ten days.

However, her mother -in -law went to her house for three or four days to find various reasons, and ran to her elder brother’s house to cook and clean his elder brother’s house.Do nothing in her house.

I said that your elder brother’s house is also a daughter. For so eccentric, she said that the elder brother is high salary, rich, and knotted.Because she has to go to work, the place of work is on the side of her mother’s house, so now she will put her daughter in her mother’s house from time to time, let her mother take the time to bring her children.

In this state of Fa Xiao, one is the pressure given by her mother -in -law, and she is also eccentric. She also wants to let her mother -in -law look at each other.

The second is that she is also a little attached to her son, so that it has so much influence on her body, and regret is too late.

Because of her mother -in -law, she was not very happy to live. Her husband went to work outside, and her body was not very good, which caused her state to be a bit bad.From time to time, speaking is now gone.

I also persuaded her to open a little bit, don’t count too much.Sometimes if we are used to relying on others, but when others help, it is not the way we expect, it is inevitable that we will be disappointed and there will be resentment.So I still think about how to rely on ourselves and get rid of our current dilemma. As long as we have hope and be brave, we will definitely open the clouds and fog to see sunny days.

Sometimes when these things happen around me, why do I think some people are still attached to their son?

Although with the development of society and the improvement of people’s cultural level, the thoughts of heavy men and women have improved, but in rural areas, this idea is deeply rooted in the older generation.

Sometimes I will communicate with my mother. My mother said that it is not bad for my granddaughter. After my daughter -in -law gave birth to a daughter, I was not unhappy. My mother said that even if there was a son, as long as there was a son, I just wanted a prestigious seizure to succeed the generations.people.Maybe with grandson and love granddaughter more, it is a kind of obsession.

Sometimes young people may not think so much, that is, the pressure from the elders at home, and has to have a second child or even a third child.For families with stable work, have their own salary, and are not restricted by her mother -in -law, they may not care too much about the pressure given by her mother -in -law.You can live if you want to live, not affected by others.

However, in rural areas, there are some full -time mothers, her husband goes out to work, and lives with her mother -in -law for a long time. Usually, in life, eating and drinking is spent, so she will have a second child and a third child under the pressure of her mother -in -law.

There is one in our village, and my husband can’t say anything at home. Usually, eating and drinking is a mother -in -law. When the second daughter is born, my mother -in -law is very unhappy and let her regenerate.Her mother -in -law said it was flowing.

I don’t think I have my own opinion, why is it that the machine that has become a child is not pregnant, so I have always been born, isn’t this practicing myself?

Therefore, for boys and girls, if you want a few children, you need to have your own plan to be a parent. Not a few parents say that there are a few of them. Raising children and educating children finally worry about it. As parents increase, they canHelp us for a few years.

For the strength of my mother -in -law, we must also have their own thoughts and opinions to defend our own interests.

My grandfather has three daughters, no son, and my mother is the youngest. At that time, I thought about it to take care of my grandfather in the future. Grandma’s family was also the village next door. There were six sons.My father and mother stayed with my grandfather.

This time, my grandfather’s condition was worsened, and people needed to wait. My mother and two aunts took turns to look at them, serve eating, taking medicine, rubbing their bodies, and serving shit.

The grandfather’s neighbor’s family was four sons. Without a daughter, she sat at the door and chatted with me every day. She said that when the uncle died in the past, she was serving by herself. None of the daughter -in -law went to the hospital to see it.Sometimes my son came back at a glance. He felt that his son was good, and in the end he was waiting for a daughter.It was said that when she couldn’t move, she couldn’t expect her son and daughter -in -law.I also advised her not to be so pessimistic.

Having said a lot, it is not that the birth of a son is not good, not filial piety, and the children and grandchildren have children and grandchildren.I believe that parents raise us for adults. Every child can appreciate the difficulty of parents, and they will respect our parents.

I just want to tell everyone that do not affect the body and family harmony for some of the thoughts of the male and female.Son and daughter are the same.If there are children, there are good daughters. If you have only a son or daughter, you may not be unhappy.

Connect can only be happy.

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