To be blessed, it is necessary to pay attention to sex during pregnancy.

 Most people know that sexual life during pregnancy is not taboo. However, if you fail to arrange sexual life during pregnancy, it is likely to cause serious consequences, sometimes even cause miscarriage or premature birth.So, how should the couples be reasonable during pregnancy? What do you need to pay attention to?

1. Perform sexual sex

Experts are more particular about sexual life.Before sexual intercourse, pregnant women and husbands need to exhaust urine, clean the vulva, and external reproductive organs, and choose a sexual intercourse posture that does not cause compression of the abdomen of pregnant women.The movement is gentle and not rude, it is not advisable to insert too deep, it should not be too fast, it is best to have no more than 10 minutes each time.After sex, pregnant women should urinate immediately, and clean the vulva to prevent the uplifting urinary system infection and intrauterine infection.

2. Precautions for sex during pregnancy

1. For the safety of the baby, the first three months and the last 2 months of pregnancy, it is best not to do anything.

2. If pregnant women have previous placenta and other obstetric factors, doctors will inform them in time.

3. If pregnant women have a history of abortion or premature birth, pay attention to minimize or avoid sex to prevent adverse events that prevent abortion or premature birth.

4. When using the position of men and women, the prospective dad must support his strength with his arm to prevent the wife’s abdomen.

5. Remember not to insert too deep or sprint too much, avoid causing uterine contraction or causing cervical injury and bleeding.

6. It is best to bring a condom during sex during pregnancy. Do not let the semen enter the vagina.

7. If abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding occurs after sex, it means that it may have a miscarriage or premature birth, and you should seek medical treatment immediately.

3. How to deal with my husband’s sexual desire too much during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, couples are not suitable for frequent intercourse, and there are strict time requirements, but the husband always has strong sexual desire. What should I do?

1. Stay away from stimulus temptation

A film, pornographic websites, and adult magazines full of excitement and temptation are undoubtedly fueling on fire for people who are easy to impulsive, so you should stay away as much as possible.

2. Dynamic attention

When people with strong sexual desire are all right, they may wish to engage in some leisure activities that need to spend physical strength, such as playing, outing, exercise on the gym, rolling wheels, climbing, etc.Attention is conducive to weakening sexual desire.

 3. Let it masturbate or help him masturbate

Blind depression is useless, and it is not good for her husband’s body. Masturbation can not only meet his needs, but also not hurt himself and others. It is worth trying!

If the needs of the husband are arbitrary, it can help him masturbate. While meeting his needs, you can also add fun to sexual life. Why not?

In short, sexual life can be performed during pregnancy. As long as reasonable arrangements and correct sex, will not have adverse effects on the safety and health of the fetus.


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