Tianlong Biography: Wang Yuyan and three men gave birth to six men and one woman. There are four sons from Qiao Feng.

In "The Eight Dragons", there are two men who have emotional entanglement with Wang Yuyan, one is Duan Yu and the other is Murong Fu. Among them, Wang Yuyan and Murong Fu have been young.Murong Fuwangzi ambitious, can do anything bad in order to resurrect the country, which disappointed Wang Yuyan. Finally, he followed Duan Yu. After Duan Yu became the emperor, he named Wang Yuyan as the queen, but the man who walked to the last man with Wang Yuyan was not Duan Yu.It is not Murong Fu, but Qiao Feng. Of course, Wang Yuyan and these three men have given birth to children. When it comes to this, many people not only say it is so messy. What happened to the later rivers and lakes and martial arts?Speaking of which, we have to tell the story of the passage of "Tianlong Babu".In the "Tianlong Babu", Wang Yuyan and three men gave birth to six men and one woman, and four sons were Qiao Feng.So what is the story?And listen to me carefully.

After the passage of "Tianlong Babu", after Wang Yuyan married Duan Yu, Duan Yu was very good for Wang Yuyan, and Wang Yuyan also conceived Duan Yu’s child, and gave birth to a daughter for Duan Yu.The recovery was not crazy. In the Mandala Villa, in order to live, he pretended to be stupid. Murong Fu returned to Gusu Yanziwu.Great realization, converted to the Buddhist gate, Murong Bobai was under the scanning monk’s door, just wanted to use the sweeping monk to heal himself and steal the life of the sweeping monk’s life. In the end, Murong Bo was recovered.After the road, after the sweeping monk knew, he was very angry. I didn’t expect to walk for many years and was deceived. So he pursued Murong Bo to come to Gusu Yanziwu.Come to deal with the sweeping monk by himself.

Murong Fu fled to a cave with cheats, and then practiced the martial arts of the sweeping monk crazy. Finally, he finally opened up the martial arts of the sweeping monk and his own fighting star and movement.Revenge, Murong Fu killed Shaolin, killed Senior leaders such as Master Shaolin Fang Xuan Ji, Luo Hantang, the Corporation of Division, and Dharma Institute, and then killed the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion, demanding that the sweeping monk came out to die.One, but the martial arts of the sweeping monk, Murong resumed his finger. In a war, Murong resumed the sweeping monk and hung the first level of the sweeping monk and others in front of Shaolinmen.The martial arts people in the world, if they do not return to him, he will kill the ring, and the end of the sweeping monk is their future.

The people in the martial arts of the rivers and lakes were forced by Murong Fu’s prostitution, and eventually recommended Murong Fu as the leader of the martial arts alliances of the rivers and lakes, so Murong Fu unified the rivers and lakes.At this time, Murong Fu, who was successful, remembered the that year, and came to Dali. In this time, Yu Yu took Wang Yuyan out of the palace to hunt.Tao: "Yu Yan is my queen, don’t be delusional." Murong Fu laughed: "It depends on your ability."

Duan Yu and Murong Fu fought a game. Duan Yu used the six -pulse sword of the housekeeping skills, but Murong Fu had a three -foot wall guard. Duan Yu couldn’t hurt Murong Fu at all.Honesty, grabbed Wang Yuyan and brought back to Shaolin Temple. Murong Fu looked at the beautiful woman in front of her, and had to have room with Wang Yuyan.It ’s my three children’ s mother. At that time, you wanted to marry me so much. Now I agree, you have to be my woman Murong Fu. "Murong Fu stopped Wang Yuyan’s acupuncture point, ignoring anything.After picking up Wang Yuyan’s clothes, he asked Wang Yuyan up and down, and that night, Wang Yuyan shed sad tears.

Xuzhu learned that the third brother Duan Yu was killed, so he wanted to kill Murong Fu and revenge and hate for the third brother. At this time, it was Qiao Feng’s avoidance day.After looking for Murong Fu’s revenge, Murong Fu knew it, so he came to Yanmen Pass. Xuzhu and Murong Fuu were raised, but at this time, Xuzhu was not Murong Fu’s opponent.Wang Yuyan learned that Xuzhu was also a cliff by Murongju. No one could avenge her husband Duan Yu to hate her husband, but Wang Yuyan was a strong woman.Swear that if the hero heroes in the world can report to her husband’s hatred, she will make a promise and wait for her life to be with her.And Murong Fu thought that no one in the martial arts of the rivers and lakes could be against him.But what he did not expect was that Xuzhu fell into the cliff and did not die, but was rescued by Qiao Feng.

Xuzhu saw Qiao Feng under the cliff, and was very happy. Qiao Feng told Xuzhu that he jumped off the cliff and was rescued by a god sculpture. The god sculpture saw Qiao Feng dying. In order to save Qiao Feng, he killed a one.After a thousand -year -old python, after feeding the snake gallbladder to Qiao Feng and Qiao Feng, not only healed the injury, but also increased the internal power.On the one hand, he could no longer have a big breakthrough, so Qiao Feng changed his swordsmanship, and finally realized that the highest realm of Kendo -Wan Jian returned to Zong. Qiao Feng was tired of killing and killing the rivers and lakes, so he was in the cliff.Live a seclusion life below.

Qiao Feng asked why Xuzhu fell to the cliff. Xuzhu told Qiao Feng about what happened in the martial arts of the rivers and lakes. Qiao Feng was furious, so he took Xuzhu to revenge the snow for the third brother Duan Yu, so he came to Shaolin Temple. Murong Fu watched it.When Qiao Feng was surprised, Murong Fu was confident that he was invincible in the world. He wanted the three brothers to reunite with Lord Yan. Qiao Feng said nothing and directly made the big killing trick -Wan Jian returned to Zongzong and directly shot Murong Fu.The three -foot wall, killed Murong Fu, saved Wang Yuyan, Wang Yuyan was very sad, he pierced into Qiao Feng’s arms, and then asked him.

Qiao Feng’s face was covered, and he was at a loss. The maids around Wang Yuyan told Qiao Feng and Xu Zhu Wang Yuyan’s poison oath.Hesitant, after all, Wang Yuyan is a woman of a good brother Duan Yu, and Xuzhu and his wife Meng Gu deeply feel that a woman should not be disappointed. Besides, if Wang Yuyan is not married, then Wang Yuyan will be beaten by the sky.The third brother Duan Yu knew, how can you afford Duan Yu?So under the persuasion of Xuzhu and Menggu, Qiao Feng eventually married Wang Yuyan, but did not expect that Wang Yuyan was pregnant with Murong Fu’s child. Wang Yuyan deeply felt sorry for Qiao Feng and told Qiao Feng about her and Murong Fu.Qiao Feng is indeed a real man, saying that he doesn’t mind and let Wang Yuyan give birth to a child. After all, the child is innocent. In this way, Wang Yuyan gave birth to a twin son, but the twin son was Murong Fu.

And Qiao Feng treats the twin sons as if he is out of his own, and takes care of it. Wang Yuyan is very moved. He feels deeply to be passed on for the old Xiao family.During the year, Wang Yuyan gave birth to four sons for Qiao Feng. In addition, the two sons who were resurrected by Murong and a daughter born for Duan Yu, Wang Yuyan gave birth to six sons and a daughter."In the post, Wang Yuyan and three men gave birth to six men and one woman. There are four sons from Qiao Feng. So what about the subsequent stories?Let’s talk about it next time.

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