Three views destroy!The married woman is derailed and pregnant and has children. After 3 days of birth, her husband was revealed by her husband

Recently, in Zhengzhou, Henan, on the third day when a man was a father, he found that the child was not his own. He immediately sued to divorce …

In 2014, A Liang and Tingting met on the Internet. Soon after, the two of them fell in love.

The relationship between the two people has developed better and better, so after three years of getting along, they registered to get married.

After marriage, the couple went to work abroad together.

In 2019, Tingting returned to China for delivery due to pregnancy.

Subsequently, A Liang also resigned and returned to China to accompany his wife.

After October’s birth, Tingting gave birth to the next baby boy.

The birth of his son can make Aliang happy, and he finally became a father.

However, what happened three days later made Aliang a little overwhelmed.

On the 3rd day after the child was born, the doctor sent a child’s blood type report to check with relatives.

At this time, Aliang found that the child’s blood type did not match himself, and there was no blood relationship between the two.

After learning about this news, A Liang was very angry to prosecute to divorce.

During the trial, A Liang believed that his wife violated loyalty obligations and derailed to have a child during the marriage period of marriage. It was a betrayal of marriage and the feelings and experiences he paid for serious harm.

A Liang’s demand for divorce is: I asked to divorce with Tingting, and the couple’s common property car was transferred to herself. Tingting was out of the house.

Ke Tingting said: She was accidentally pregnant while working abroad, and always thought it was a husband’s child.

It was not until the blood type that the child did not match the blood type of the child with the husband.

Tingting also agreed to divorce, but because the child was too young, he was unable to raise himself, and asked to divide common property and common debt according to law.

After learning about the divorce demands of both husband and wife, the undertaking judge mediates the two sides.

The judge believes that Tingting has a child with others during the existence of the marriage relationship and violating the loyalty obligations of the husband and wife. It is the wrong party that leads to a divorce. A Liang has the right to request damage compensation.

The judge also believes that the two are free to fall in love and get married, and have a good foundation before marriage. Although the relationship has broken, it is necessary to gather and dispel the marriage relationship.

Under the patience of the judge, in the end, the two reached a mediation agreement.

A Liang and Tingting lifted the marriage relationship, and the husband and wife’s common property car transferred to Aliang.

After seeing the party’s encounter, I reminded me of Mr. Chen, who was Shangrao, Jiangxi.

After 16 years of marriage, Mr. Chen discovered that the three children were not biological.

Mr. Chen was in 2007. After introducing Yu, he met Yu Mou and became a husband and wife.

After getting married, the three daughters were born one after another.

In order to support his family, Mr. Chen worked abroad all year round, leaving his wife alone in his hometown.

By 2022, his wife suddenly told Mr. Chen that he thought of going to work outside the country.

However, his wife, Mr. Chen had to agree.

After that, his wife was often reluctant to pick up Mr. Chen’s voice and video.

This made Mr. Chen doubt, so he positioned his wife’s mobile phone.

One day, his wife rejected his phone again.

Mr. Chen checked his wife’s position with his mobile phone and found that she was actually in a hotel.

Mr. Chen felt bad. After squatting all night, he finally found that his wife was with a strange man.

After discovering his wife’s derailment, he doubted his blood relationship with his younger daughter for the first time, and took her to a parent -child identification.

The appraisal results show that the little daughter is not his own.

In order to dispel concerns, Mr. Chen took his eldest daughter and the second daughter to do a parent -child identification, and the result caused him to collapse even more.

Because the eldest daughter and the second daughter have nothing to do with him.

This series of blows made Mr. Chen can’t help it anymore, and he cried sadly.

But Mr. Chen’s wife, not only did he not feel guilty about everything he did, he also said straightforwardly: "Is blood relationship, is it so important?"

Look at what these two derailed women say are exactly the same.

As a woman, you should have self -respect and love!If you have no feelings with your husband, you can propose a divorce first, and then go out to find other men.

During the marriage of the marriage, he betrayed his husband derailed and gave birth to a child. Which man can be able to stand this man?

Let’s talk about the first derailed woman Tingting.

She said: She was pregnant unexpectedly abroad.

Still accidental?Want me to say, she just did this, maybe how many times she derailed?

What is even more irritating is that when she divorced, she wanted to divide her husband’s property.

We don’t know how she said it?

It’s so shameless!A woman like them is a honest man. If she encounters a powerful master, it will make her unlike a complete corpse capital.

Let’s talk about Mr. Chen’s wife, it’s really unreasonable!Whoever married such a woman really regrets his life!

To what extent to bully a honest man?

If I am Mr. Chen, I will let her compensate me for my mental loss.

She deceived Mr. Chen for 16 years, a man’s life, and how many 16 years?

The article is written here, but I am so angry that my hands are so angry that I have begun to tremble.

It’s a good man without a good wife, Lai Han married Jiao Niang!

My dear friends, do you think I really make sense?

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