Three sisters want to take the opportunity to force the palace with their illegitimate children?The original match is so cleverly negotiated, and the other party can be easily repelled

Recently, some students cried and came to me to inquire and said, "Teacher talent, I am really painful. My husband found a primary three in the past few years. There are still children this year. Now he said that if you have a childShe gets married, hoping that I can take the initiative to let Xian.

I have always paid for this family, for him and the child, and in the end to let me divorce?I’m not willing, I’m older now, and I can’t find better than my husband.I want to recover, but he ignores me at all, what should I do?"

I told the trainees: "If we want to change the status quo, we must take the initiative to attack and grace together. On the one hand, let him see the price you want to divorce with you, on the one hand, let him nostize the family belonging you give."

1. Worm down and pay attention to your own growth

When some wives discover the betrayal of men, they are either angry and divorced or they choose to be silent and ignored, but they will not help the restoration of marriage relationships in these two methods.

Men dare to betray because you are expected to be inseparable from him. In these years, you only pay attention to your family without paying attention to your own growth.

If you do not have the ability to make money at present, you may wish to dormancy and strive to improve yourself to achieve economic independence and spiritual independence.

When you have the ability to independence, your mental appearance will be changed.We maintain independence to maintain ourselves in emotion. When we are not attached to others, others will naturally be attracted.

You can also make men feel the sense of family belonging. Two people have been together for so long. Many details are not known to women outside, and this is exactly our advantage.

Many times men betrayed only because their inner needs were not met, and they still had feelings for their families and children, but Xiaosan was pregnant, forcing him not to make a choice, so he filed a divorce with you.

Men are rational animals. What they are most afraid of is the trouble. I am afraid that you and him to divide the property, fight for custody, and lawsuit. In addition, the most afraid of a man with a certain social status is the reputation.Repeatedly emphasized, two points that men care most: names and profit.

We can use these to improve ourselves, meet the needs of men, care about the interests of men, and men will make decisions that satisfy you after weighing.

2. Reflect on your mode of getting along and actively change

Although it is wrong to betray this behavior, the wife can think about the cause from the behavior of men. Does it have no respect for men?Didn’t you understand the inner needs of men?Think about when the two people came to this step?Is there any room for change?

We can think about the reasons behind men’s betrayal behavior, because we can’t get respect?Then give him respect, marriage needs to be mutually respectful; the demand is not satisfied?Two people have been together for so long, and men’s needs must be the most understanding, then we will give him a little satisfaction.

Men are all animals that are eager to be worshiped. In daily life, you may have become accustomed to dealing with daily chores, and Primary Three may ask your husband to help him, so that you can make some changes.

For example, you can help your husband in your daily life: "Husband, help me move this, you have the greatest strength at home."

You can also add a sentence after the man moved: "My husband is awesome. If you don’t have you, I don’t know what to do." Men feels that he is being needed, which is conducive to the maintenance of marriage relationship.

3. Show attitude towards men

Some wives say that they can’t keep men at all. In fact, the most fundamental reason is that men have not taken you seriously. We often say that we must grasp your core goals and take out your momentum and attitude.Not soft persimmons, not a bullying, betrayal of marriage, it will definitely pay the price.

Only by letting men realize that if they do wrong, they should bear responsibility and he will pay attention to it.When the cost of making mistakes is too high, we do n’t need to stop us, and men will give up themselves.

As the original match, we need to put on our own momentum, so that Xiao San knows that you and men are very loving.

For example, during the holiday holiday, you can use his identity advantages to leave men with the elderly and children, and you can also take pictures of the happy family portrait and husband and wife, and try to send them to Xiao San to see.

These photos will remind her again that she is just a primary three, who can’t see the light and can’t attend a family gathering. Xiao San sees these photos of your still love, and will blame men angrily and release these bad emotions to men.

At this time, you let the man feel the warmth of the family. On the one hand, there is a gentle wife, and the one who loses his temper. How do you think men will choose?

Of course, everyone’s marriage is different. To make men completely break with the small three outside, they still need to give different solutions according to different circumstances.

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