Three months before women’s pregnancy, not only to supplement folic acid, but also what nutritional elements should be supplemented?

The daughter -in -law of Aunt Song’s family is pregnant, and the family is happy, and even the baby’s name is invited to get up. Auntie Song knows that women are important before pregnancy. It is important to treat it carefully. ThereforeAfter reading a lot of books, I ca n’t get my mind, so I asked the doctor to help.

The doctor told Aunt Song that women should supplement folic acid after pregnancy. Most people know that because folic acid is related to fetal nerve development and can prevent neural tube malformation, the human body cannot produce itself, so it is necessary to supplement diet or folic acid tablets.But there are several kinds of nutrients that are also important, and it is easy to be ignored by everyone.Aunt Song asked what nutritional elements were? Go home and buy a daughter -in -law to eat.Doctors said that many nutritional elements can be added in the usual diet without buying additional.

Three months before women’s pregnancy, in addition to supplement folic acid, these nutrients are as important as folic acid

The first is iron element. The status of iron in women’s pregnancy is very important. It is almost flat with folic acid, because whether the iron is sufficient to be related to the number of hemoglobin. If the human body lacks iron, the number of hemoglobin will be reduced.Oxygen and nutrition will also decrease.Iron deficiency during pregnancy is a very serious thing. Expectant mothers will feel dizzy, weak, and lethargy. At the same time, they will also affect the fetus. Anemia will occur in the mother’s body. After birth, it will affect brain development.

Aunt Song asked the doctor what foods can be supplemented by blood? Is it possible to eat pig blood? The doctor answered that pig blood can be replenished. In addition, there are animal liver, lean meat, seafood, and jujube.The month of pregnancy is serious, and there is no appetite. I do n’t like to eat amaranth. It ’s easy to be iron deficiency after a long time. Pay attention to this problem.Aunt Song said that she would look at the food recipes more, and changed her tricks to eat for her daughter -in -law, which greatly increased her appetite.

The second is iodine. Everyone’s understanding of iodine may be more about thyroid, but in fact it is very helpful to the intellectual development of the fetus. If the child deficiency in the growth and development process, it is likely to cause IQ to decline by 20 by 20 by 20.%, So you still need to supplement iodine appropriately.In addition, iodine can affect thyroid function. When the thyroid function is low, the nerve development of the fetus will become slow.

The doctor reminds Aunt Song that pregnant women should supplement 200 micrograms of iodine every day. Usually, in three meals, they can eat kelp, seaweed, and seafish appropriately.Aunt Song asked, do you want to buy a special iodized salt? Doctors answered that it is not necessary. If you eat more iodine, you may cause thyroidistness. You can meet your daily needs by replenishment through diet.

The third is vitamin B6 and vitamin C. In the first three months, women have different degrees of pregnancy reaction. Brushing teeth is prone to bleeding. At this time, pregnant women can eat vitamin -rich foods to help them reduce pregnancy and reduce vitamin loss.Aunt Song said that vitamins I have heard that there are vitamins in vegetables and fruits, but how do I give it for daughter -in -law? The doctor said that vitamins are easy to lose at high temperatures, so avoid fried.You can eat it directly, or you can eat it with cold water, such as lettuce, spinach, lettuce, purple cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and so on.

Aunt Song suddenly thought of a question, can you squeeze vegetables or fruits into juice and drink? Doctors suggest that if pregnant women can accept the taste of vegetable juice, there is no problem drinking appropriately, such as tomato juice, carrot juice, but fruit juice is best to drink less less.EssenceBecause the nutrient structure structure is destroyed after the fruit is squeezed, the content of dietary fiber decreases, the concentration of sugar is increased, and regular drinking may gain weight or affect blood sugar.

After listening to the doctor’s words, Aunt Song felt a lot in my heart, and then asked the doctor to pay attention to the doctor in addition to the diet.

14 weeks before pregnancy belong to the early pregnancy, and there are several examinations at this stage. It is important. B -ultrasound, NT, early Tang sieve. Generally, the doctor appoints the next check time after each examination, as long as it comes on time.If the pregnant mother has a fatigue, drowsiness, and listlessness in the first three months, it is normal to not worry too much. Pay attention to rest and not to be angry and tired.During this period, pregnant women have just changed a new identity, which is easy to emotional instability, nervous and anxious. The family should accompany and comfort, and find that there are abnormal bleeding and abdominal pain in time to check.

Pregnancy is an important stage of women’s life. Not only should they pay attention to protecting their bodies, but also to supplement nutritional elements and provide favorable conditions for fetal growth and development. In addition to folic acid, do not forget the above elements.

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