Three months after the woman was given birth, I was pregnant and 2 months pregnant: how many times have you say, you need to cherish your body


I saw a very helpless hot news on the Internet: 3 months after giving birth to find out and get pregnant for 2 months.

In Nanjing, Jiangsu, there is a 28 -year -old Ms. Chen, a 28 -year -old Ms. Chen. She was 3 months after the cesarean section was born, but she found that she was pregnant for two months during a routine inspection.Compared to the first pregnancy, Ms. Chen was not mentally prepared for this second child.Doctors of Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital said that children’s retention and no risk are very large. WHO recommends that women’s fertility interval for more than 2 years.The abortion surgery belongs to high -risk abortion and has many sequelae.After repeated consideration, Ms. Chen decided to give up this baby.

Although Ms. Chen decided to give up this baby, it still caused great trauma to her body.

I did n’t understand when I did n’t experience giving birth before. I also thought “you do n’t want a child to have a miscarriage." But then I learned that abortion hurts women’s bodies, and all those who have miscarriage should sit ""Xiaoyuzi" is to take good care of it, otherwise it will affect future fertility.

Ms. Chen had such a tragedy. It didn’t take long for the cesarean section to be pregnant. Who was the culprit?

It was her husband too much, and what made people even more speechless is not to take measures.

Take a measure, take a T, can spend a few money, how much time can you waste you?

I just care about my wife but not distressed my wife.

Women who have given birth to children know that we have to go to the hospital for a regular examination of the body at 42 days after giving birth. When the examination, the doctor will tell: Try not to do the same room. If the same room is in the same room, we must take measures.

But there are still a small number of people holding a fluke mentally, saying that they will not get pregnant if they just give birth to a child.They only consider whether they are comfortable, but no matter how much harm to their wives.

What I want to tell women is: You don’t need to please anyone, you have to keep your body, uncomfortable is uncomfortable. It is time to refuse. If he does not take measures, he will kick him down.No matter what ways you take, do not allow such things to happen. You must know that if you are recruited, you will hurt your body.

He doesn’t care about you, but you must cherish yourself.


After this news was on the hot search, some netizens commented: Maybe a woman is willing to be, don’t push everything to the man. What do you want to blame someone?

I want to say a fact: the woman’s desire is very, very low after giving birth to a child.

Ms. Chen was a cesarean section. She had only been pregnant for two months for three months for her cesarean section. What does this show that just after the confinement, the two are in the same room.A woman who had had a cesarean section surgery and the wound had just grown up. She had to wake up several times every night to feed the night milk. She was still exposing and she would have breastfeeding pain. What can she have?

When people are exhausted, they don’t want to do anything, they just want to sleep.

The body is so uncomfortable, can you think of other things?

Take myself, I am going to give birth, and the month of confinement can be said to be quite torment.When I didn’t have a child, I thought the child was fine, but after experiencing it, I knew what kind of heartbroken pain was.

When I confinement, I have to experience the pain of breastfeeding. Now I remember that my milk had just come down and then the breast gland was blocked by the torture.

It’s too awful!

And the child in the confinement is so small. At least three or four times a night, it is equivalent to saying that I go to bed at 12 o’clock, wake up at two o’clock in the morning, give him milk to sleep, and then wake up again at four in the morning.You will be very tired, just want to sleep, you want to take a good rest, but you have to breastfeed, how can you sleep well.

What is the state of confinement: the milk is painful, and the child’s milk is also very painful. You will be very uncomfortable at first breastfeeding, and then the wound on the body has not recovered.

All in all, it hurts everywhere, I don’t believe which woman who has just given birth to a child will have the energy to think about that.Only men will think that selfish men will not care how their wife’s body is.

Besides, can you take a measure?With a T can delay you for a few minutes, it is so irresponsible to his wife.

As a result, if something happened, all the responsibilities and pains had to be borne by women, and he fell into a relaxed and comfortable.

The man who really loves his wife will never be alone, let alone listen to him, only consider themselves; they will always take care of their wives’ bodies, they will be more energetic to take more energy to take care of newborns. They want toThe most thing is how to let my wife rest more.


I also encountered some remarks that made me very speechless. What I said, even if I took measures, I might be pregnant, and the condom is not 100 %.What I want to say is that scientific verification, the probability of contraceptives in condoms can be 100 % contraceptive, and measures are unexpectedly pregnant. Most of them are unwilling to use a needle to break, or half of it, or the method is not right and the method is not right.Essence

As long as you take the right way, it is impossible to recruit. It is so easy to make you encounter.

Therefore, please remember at any time: as long as you don’t want children, please take contraception measures, especially women who have just produced.Woman, you don’t need to please the other half. You can have the initiative of the close relationship, and you have to consider it for yourself.Don’t say anything, what if he is not satisfied if he goes out?If a man will do so, what else do you want him?

Be sure to cherish your body.

As long as you are uncomfortable in marriage, you can refuse;

If he doesn’t take contraceptive measures, you don’t want to. He doesn’t care about you, you have to care about yourself.

It ’s not long after giving birth to a child, do n’t get pregnant again. You really have no energy to take care of it. The big one is so small, and there is another one. Do you dare to think about it?You can have a second child, but the time for the second child to be separated, and according to the suggestion of WHO, it is best to have children at two years.

In addition, you have to take measures. As long as you don’t want your children to not prepare for pregnancy, you have to take measures.

This is the truth that an adult man should know.

Be well to cherish her wife, and think about her, not just care about herself.

At the same time, a woman must know that if your husband’s attitude is in this matter, you can distinguish between him or a ghost, he does not feel bad for you, you have to feel bad for yourself.It is you who will bear the consequences in the end. It is also you who suffer huge trauma in your body. You must cherish yourself.

Don’t be pleased, so too timid, it is time to refuse.

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