Three different dreams of three different dreams in the third trimester

“” The third trimester is always not very comfortable, so all kinds of strange dreams come.

Three different dreams, dreamed of different things, have never thought of each other.Maybe this is the legendary fetal dream!

The first dream, I dreamed that Hawking and Japan’s throat surgery exchanged, and the throat was successful, it may be that I scared myself and woke up.

After depression for a whole day, I was puzzled. I do n’t know why I had such a dream. My colleagues explained my dreams, caesarean section, boy.

The second dream of a girl has two pursuers, one, a bamboo horse, and the other to win the love brain.Such a strange dream.

The third dream is even more outrageous!Dreaming of a small blue -white stripe snake, biting her husband’s feet, wondering in the dream, would it be toxic?How to send it to the hospital for treatment?Thinking about it, his mother didn’t seem to have this ability to take him to the hospital, and now he can’t carry him, so he woke up in a hurry.

Pregnancy is a big event in some families, but for some people, it is simply a disaster!Perhaps it was from his mother’s consent, and then he began to shirk responsibility. The two of them had the first quarrel in six years. From then on, they never trusted the man.

Sitting on the game for a game, what you explained, you will only say that I will not do it. You will do it yourself, and you will be in his eyes.Essence

He will not be like other husbands, let his wife sit in line to pay, and will not follow his wife to listen to the doctor’s doctor’s advice.

When do you want to go to start a business, you have to wait until his wife’s belly is big, and suddenly go to start a business, huh!In the eyes of others, he is a person who loves his wife. He pushed a lot of opportunities for his wife to go out for meals. In fact, only his wife knew that it was all excuses.

From the time of preparing for pregnancy, I know that from the beginning to the end, people have contributed sperm. The rest can only be alone. Maybe they will be one of the representatives of widowed parenting in the future.To be honest, he has all the common problems of Chinese men. After his wife was pregnant, his responsibility has been completed. He once thought to let me go to the hospital in his hometown of his hometown to give birth to me.Then he sneered and said that I looked down on his rural people.

There are many words that are not speculative. For this kind of inner inferiority, there is really no medicine to be saved. I really don’t want to explain too much.

To be honest, relatively independent people may really not depend on the other half.I am disappointed as a husband, and I am also disappointed with his native family, so it doesn’t matter if you respect and disrespect. People respect me a foot.It’s not so good -tempered.

For me, the one who gave birth to me is the most important thing that I have, and everyone else is not important.

Some people are mothers in their mouths, and they are not actually mothers.This is my profound experience. Every word of his mother has different words, it is really speechless.Put as a poor little white rabbit, which makes people sympathize with her.

What can you do if you are a daughter without raising?In fact, people are selfish, and they all prefer the one they live. In fact, people and people get along with each other. They respect each other and do not disturb each other. They obviously look at me and keep talking to you. It is really tired.Obviously I want to be the Lord of my daughter -in -law, and I also have to ask you intentionally. What I don’t like is when the husband and wife are discussing things. His mother follows the yin and yang behind, and has no right to speak.

Whenever watching her acting, she was really afraid that she would have internal injuries. I still remember that when I arrived at my house on the first day, I started: I do n’t know if you are in the sun, will the child have a problem.

Then, my eldest daughter packed a lot of clothes and toys in my hometown!As for me, I do n’t buy clothes for my children. This is the so -called grandson who has been looking forward to how many years I have waited for many years. Everything is too strange in my eyes.If you are so popular, I won’t do you, and blame you to blame you too much about what your so -called relatives are. Take your uncle who are seventy to say things, say a lot of truth, and we are half dysteritious with us.There is no relationship.

I didn’t want to return to her: I just buy it myself.

I kept talking about my sixty years old. I don’t know if I can live for a few years, and I don’t know when to be grandma.I kept telling that when she was young, she had children. My mother -in -law did not take care of it. When the wound was inflamed, I could only wash it with salt water.Repeat how painful it was, what was painful, what did you vomit, what did you pull, how many times it was pulled, and opened the place where there was a skin disease on your body.This is the case all day long.

I’m really tired, I talked to that person, but unfortunately didn’t use it at all. How much he was understanding his mother’s hard work.

The next old lady is even more strange. It tells all kinds of children who do not go to school, all kinds of early love and early marrying children, domestic violence, all kinds of jail, and hurt relatives.This old lady is really exhausted.

What is even more speechless is that I have always told you that the son’s son is cerebral palsy, and his mother smokes and drinks everything when he is pregnant!

Repeated, I see your stomach and ass, you are pregnant with your son, and you are very disgusted with such people. My baby does not need you to set gender. Men and women are my baby. This is a place that makes me very speechless.

I have three dreams, and I may have some uneasiness, because I hope that I am a daughter, my daughter will not get married, and it does not matter if there is no child. I just hope that she is safe and healthy.

Girls rely on themselves, even if they are slower, they are stronger than anything. If you come to an irreversible point, then I will take away the people I have born.

The sense of crisis brought to me by dream is more scary than reality, especially his mother said that after the child is going to kindergarten, I go to work again, and she is going to take care of her daughter -in -law.

It doesn’t matter if she helps me help me take care of my baby, I just hope that she will not make trouble, don’t spread negative energy everywhere, and the mentality is optimistic.

I just hope that my children can live simply to live simply, and don’t stir up in those strange things.

I don’t know if it is too stressful to cause my frequent dreams. I just hope that my baby can be born peacefully and healthy.

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