Thousands of Internet celebrities and younger daughters are pregnant, but the early symptoms are completely different.

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Since the media, the whole people have thought of red.Xiaohong is easy, and it is popular to see his life, especially the big Internet celebrities who have become millions of fans. It is really the ancestral tomb to be smoky, and the "family workshop" -style big Internet celebrities are the most "Chen Sanwa".Representative.

The family shares the account of "Chen Sanwa", brother Chen Sanwa, sister Chen Ting, brother Chen Orange, and the positioning of the account is to record the life and funny paragraphs of the sisters and brothers.It’s also happy ~

My brother Chen San was abolished like a child. I don’t know if they are the parents of the three children. The boss is 8 years old and the third child is just 1 year old.You know she is only 25 years old.

There were 3 children in 8 years, and this speed was also absolutely!Her sister Chen Ting is also a madness of a baby, but her constitution may not be very good. After giving birth to the first child, she did not succeed for 6 times for her second child. This time I was just 12 weeks of pregnancy.

My sister said that it is not easy to succeed in this child. It was found that the symptoms of bleeding occurred on the second day of pregnancy. Going to the hospital for examination was a threatened abortion.Essence

I doubted whether I was aborted, and the amount of bleeding was so large that I had to be hospitalized.After more than a month of medicine and a fetal needle, the fetus was finally successful.

The aunt and brother -in -law are pregnant. In any family, they are a good thing for double happiness. Netizens have also sent blessings, and at the same time, they feel that my daughter -in -law is too able to give birth.Sister can’t be jealous!

In fact, this kind of fertility is very harmful to women. Even if there is more money, it can’t make up for the wounds of the body. Fortunately, the younger brother is young and has good physical fitness.Compared with my brother -in -law, only 2 years older is a "villain" pregnant woman.

Before the official announced the pregnancy, the brother -in -law was pregnant silently, and there were no pregnancy preparation plans and fetal preservation measures. The baby was steadily rooted in the belly.Eat everything and never eat.

On the other hand, my sister, the second child has been pregnant for many years, and has not been able to conceive and fail to protect the fetus. This time, the official announcement was that the pregnancy was also a successful fetus.What to eat.

The brother -in -law walked out of the convenience store with a look of ice cream. The sister was sitting on the stool and looked at the stool. She watched the younger daughter -in -law walking out of the six relatives.The sharp contrast between the two pregnant women also made netizens talk: like the early pregnancy of my two babies.

When I was Huai Dabao and Erbao, I had symptoms of pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy, especially when I was in Erbao, I vomited two times.Both babies have a bad appetite. They eat and vomit, and they ca n’t eat anything. The fifth month starts to improve. In this way, the whole pregnancy was 40 pounds.

The reaction of pregnancy such as me is moderate. I have a friend who wants to cry without tears, because she is severely pregnant when she is pregnant.40 pounds fat.

The mother who has experienced pregnancy and vomiting must be as envious of my brother Chen Orange like me, and I will not say that it is easy to get pregnant. There is no pregnancy in the early pregnancy.I can’t see it at all.

People are better than others.Sister Chen Ting was very fat. Since her second child, her pregnancy is severe. Her fans have said that she has lost a lot, so some netizens who want to lose weight but can’t wait to get pregnantEffect.

Pregnancy is anorexia after pregnancy, nausea and vomiting, and even if you eat and vomit, the premature symptoms of recurrent pregnancy are unknown to the exact cause. Most views are related to the balanced imbalance of hormone mechanisms and mental states and social factors.

Most of the pregnancy occurs at 6 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, manifested as related symptoms such as vomiting, disgusting greasy, nausea, and accompanied by emotional changes, drowsiness, dizziness and other related early pregnancy reactions.In severe cases, it can be manifested as persistent vomiting, not eating, electrolyte disorders, etc.

The reaction of pregnancy vomiting is different from person to person. Some pregnant women will not have any pregnancy during pregnancy. Some pregnant women start pregnancy after 6 weeks of pregnancy, which can last until production.Different individual conditions are different.

Pregnancy is a common early pregnancy response for pregnant women. Generally, the home pregnancy home is treated by itself. Do not contact the smell of smell that is easy to induce vomiting. The symptoms are more than 12 weeks of pregnancy.However, if it is severe pregnancy, you should seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

Pregnancy vomiting is a special torture person. Bao mothers who have been pregnant can experience that feeling, and pregnancy vomiting will also have a great impact on pregnant women. One is to change their eating habits, and the other is to cause emotional changes.Essence

For example, the food you originally wanted to eat may feel disgusting after looking at it. The food that I hated it suddenly didn’t hate it.I was particularly spicy before pregnancy. As a result, I was pregnant because I could n’t eat spicy food.

Of course, for the healthy growth of the fetus, pregnant mothers still need to pay more attention to their diet. In addition to the food that pregnant women cannot eat, pregnant mothers must choose food according to their preferences, and do not like anything to eat directly.

First of all, vote for it.In the early days of pregnancy, family members need to prepare some acidic foods for pregnant women, such as plums.If the pregnant mother is disgusting, you can quickly eat a plum to achieve the effect of stopping vomiting.

In addition, although the symptoms of pregnancy in the early pregnancy, the fetus does not need too much nutrition, so pregnant mothers can choose their favorite foods as much as possible, and drink more water, so that they can alleviate pregnancy.

Second, eat less meals.Pregnant women should choose to eat less meals, and eat every 2-3 hours.

Many pregnant mothers have a heavy response in the early morning during pregnancy. In order to be able to reduce pregnancy in time, pregnant women can eat more dry foods, such as biscuits and bread slices.

In addition, if pregnant women are very serious, they must eat more alkaline foods such as vegetables and fruits to prevent acidity.

In addition to no effective healing method and changing dietary habits, pregnancy will also lead to symptoms such as low emotional, irritable, dizziness and drowsiness of pregnant mothers. This bad emotional change may increase the severity of pregnancy and bring adverse consequences.

Therefore, psychological relaxation is more important than anything. Newbie pregnant mothers can read books about pregnancy or online to learn about some corresponding scientific breeding knowledge, maintain good work and rest habits, and communicate with the treasures around them.Essence

Pregnancy is a normal phenomenon in the early stages of pregnancy. As long as it is within normal range, there is no need to worry about adverse effects on the fetus.If the mood of pregnant women fluctuates, the family should give more understanding and care, because they do not want to have these bad emotions.

In general, women must be strict with themselves after pregnancy, ensure a balanced diet, maintain good living habits, and check on time.If a pregnancy reaction occurs, please do not panic and fear. Good emotions will also help the fetus development.

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