Those with high blood pressure should eat celery often and use celery for diet, which can help treat hypertension

Celery is a kind of umbrella -shaped herbaceous plant, including the root beard, and the stems and leaves are edible.Because it has a rich aroma, it is known as the beauty of pomplet.

1. Start with nutrition analysis

Studies have shown that each 100 grams of celery contains 2.5 grams of protein, 206 mg of mineral potassium, 61 mg of iron, and 26 mg of vitamin C content, which is higher than ordinary fruits. It is superior in vegetables.

Each hundred grams of celery stems contain 160 mg of calcium, ranking among the best in vegetables, and can be listed as calcium supplements.It also is rich in cellulose, and cellulose can stimulate intestinal peristalsis. Therefore, old people with dry stool often eat celery and can prevent constipation.

Because the content of iron and vitamin C is high, people who often eat celery are not prone to iron deficiency anemia.

2. Talk about using celery for diet therapy

According to the views of Chinese medicine, "Yifan and Medicine" and "Drugs and Food", celery, like many foods, can be used as medicines, which is the so -called food therapy.Because the food therapy of celery is relatively prominent, it is also called the ancients as medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that celery is cool, sweet and non -toxic, and has the functions of flat liver and heat, removing wind and dampness, and waking up the brain.Li Shizhen said in "Compendium of Materia Medica": Celery can "stop bleeding and nourish essence, protect blood, nourish qi, and make people love."Exconsuration. Blind teeth and throat. "Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine often uses it to treat dizziness, red eyes, bloody, swelling, pain and other symptoms.

The dizziness and headache of traditional Chinese medicine, the red eyes and red eyes are the hypertension of hypertension of the liver yang and the internal liver wind.Traditional Chinese medicine uses the functions of celery to clear the liver and clear heat, expelling wind and dampness, and treat the hyperthyroidism of the liver yang. It is consistent with the component of the celery discovered by modern medicine.Blood pressure is confirmed for modern science.

3. Nutrition experts advocate high blood pressure patients often eat celery

Why should patients with hypertension eat celery often?

This is because the pathogenic factor of hypertension is closely related to the sodium in salt.Many people are accustomed to eating high -salt diets. Studies have found that mineral potassium and calcium have antagonistic effects on sodium in the body.Because celery is rich in mineral potassium and calcium vegetables.Therefore, it can promote the sodium excretion of the human body and can fight the boosting effect of sodium, which has achieved the effect of stabilizing blood pressure.

The antihypertensive effect of celery, in addition to being rich in potassium and calcium in minerals, also found that the leaves and stems of celery also contain two active substances, namely celery glycoside and bergamotidin. These two substances have both substances.Eliminate the effect of retention and blood cholesterol levels in the body, which can promote diuretic, sodium discharge, swelling, and also have a certain effect of stabilizing blood pressure.

It is precisely because the nutritional content of celery and the active substances contained in have a clear role in reducing blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, so nutritionists advocate that anyone who suffers from hypertension and hyperlipidemia uses celery as often eating celery as frequent eating.Foods can receive the risk of reducing myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction.

In addition, celery is a very rich vegetable content, and cellulose is conducive to alleviating constipation that the elderly often have.For the elderly who defecate the constipation, the blood pressure rose sharply and caused a small number of people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.Therefore, in this regard, it is also time to encourage patients with hypertension to eat celery often.

4. Recommend 2 food therapy recipes to patients with hypertension

1. Cut the celery 100 grams of cutting juice

Add a little sugar, take water or be a tea, one dose daily.Frequently, the blood pressure of patients with hypertension tends to be stable, and it has the effect of auxiliary treatment.

2. Take 200 grams of fresh whole celery

Wash the roots, stems, and leaves, cut into sections, and 15 grams each with thistle and thistle, rolled juice, take three times a day, and take 10 ml once at a time, which can help reduce blood pressure.Big thistle and small thistle are Chinese medicinal materials. The former has the effect of dispersing blood stasis and swelling. The latter has the effect of cooling blood and hemostasis.

The author should specifically point out that using celery as diet can play a role in auxiliary treatment, but food is non -drug, and the treatment of hypertension should still be western medicine.Patients are inseparable from pressure.Food therapy is slow work. Patients with severe hypertension must rely on drugs when needed to reduce blood pressure.

Celery has a variety of ways to eat. It can be matched with a variety of foods.

It is native to my country with a long history.In the "Book of Songs" more than 2,000 years ago, there is a record of "Siles and Water, Bo Cai Qi Qin".The poet Du Fu of the Tang Dynasty used the verse of "Milky Milkens and Bisu" to praise the fragrance of celery. He also used the sentence "Rice Boil Green Mud Fang Qin" sentences to describe the method of cooking with celery at that time.

Celery is a kind of crispy and unique fragrant vegetables. It is cheap and can be eaten in four seasons.

Because of its coolness, eating in summer can also play a role in preventing heat and inducing appetite.

Everyone, let’s quote it as a regular food!

(The network of pictures; writing: Kangwang, review: Liu Zheng)

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