Those who have done these dreams during pregnancy, they all say that they have been happy, have you dreamed of?

If a person keeps thinking about one thing, he will usually think about it day and night, and he will have a strange dream at night.For example, getting pregnant.I often meet mothers to discuss the dream of fetal dreams. Sometimes it is also strange. Some fetal dreams are a sign of reality and are very spiritual.These mothers have had these fetal dreams before pregnancy, and they are all happy. Moms who want girls will not come to see?

When Lily was 3 months pregnant, in recent times, she always dreamed of all kinds of water, such as a scene of rainstorm, and there was a scene by the sea. She felt very strange.They said that this is mostly a daughter.Lili didn’t take it for granted. As soon as she was in the third trimester, a small flower snake often appeared in her dreams. The snake was wrapped around her waist and was not fierce.At this time, Lili remembered the birth dream of her daughter at 3 months. She faintly felt that she would get a thousand gold this time. Sure enough, when production, the doctor hurriedly rewarded the love. Lily gave birth to a handsome female treasure.She is happy.

The same thing happened to the pregnant mother Linlin. In May last year, Linlin dreamed of many red cherries that night dreamed of her own yard. This cherry was red than previous years. She and her husband were particularly happy.I took a lot of it all at once. When I woke up during the day, I was still intoxicated in this sweet dream.Lin Lin shared this dream to his husband, and he also felt very happy.By the time of the due date, he gave birth to a 6 -pound female treasure. When the baby was born, he was particularly obedient.At this time, she suddenly thought of that dream about cherry, was it related?

Juanjuan has no good mood above. She also has a 2 -year -old gold. She said that she had a baby dream when she gave birth to this girl, but it was not a dream.One night, she dreamed that a tiger broke into his home. The tiger opened his blood and rushed towards herself, scaring her cold sweat.This tiger broke into Juanjuan’s dream more than once, making her very worried.My mother -in -law heard her dream and joked, "This is a thousand dollars …", I did not expect that when the baby was born, she was really a girl.This girl is very strong, and her personality is very outgoing. Since the baby is born, Juanjuan has never had that dream.Now Juanjuan said that the girl is the "tiger", and it will be allowed in the future.

When you are pregnant, mothers will have more or less dreams. If you also want your daughter, do you dream of the dream above?What do you have to dream besides these?

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