Those who are just pregnant, keep in mind 5 precautions, have a healthy baby

Pregnancy is a very important thing in life, especially girls must pay enough attention.If girls are pregnant, what do you need to pay attention to? This presumably many girls have not carefully thought about it before pregnancy, so it is necessary to understand some points to pay attention to when pregnant.matter?

The first is that sexual life should be controlled.

Once women are pregnant, they must pay special attention to sexual life. Although it is said that husband and wife’s sexual life is a way to maintain feelings, according to professional medical knowledge, in order to ensure the health of the fetus, the first three months before pregnancy is the first three months of pregnancy.It is not suitable for the same room. At this time, the fetus is more fragile. Be careful to pay attention to everything, otherwise it will easily lead to abortion.

The second is to pay attention to observing your physical condition.

I believe that everyone must pay attention to safety for pregnant women.In the early stages of pregnancy, we must be alert to ectopic pregnancy and abortion. Both of these situations cannot keep the fetus. They must experience the pain of bereavement and physical damage. Once a pregnant woman occurs, it will cause sufficient attention.Quickly go to the hospital for examination.

The third is to supplement folic acid to prevent fetal malformations.

Knowledge in this area may be relatively unpopular, but everyone must remember that early pregnancy is a critical period for the development of fetal nerve tube development.Therefore, at this time, pregnant women must pay attention to improving their immunity, and ensure that they are in a relatively healthy environment to avoid unnecessary bacteria in infection.In addition, pregnant women also eat more folic acid foods in the early days. This is to prevent fetal malformations and can ensure the health of pregnant women.

Fourth, you must do the initial inspection frequently.

This is a job that every expectant mother must do well. Basically, the first prenatal examination is conducted after 12 weeks of pregnancy. At the same time, listen to the suggestions of the relevant doctors and do a good job in the checkup.

The fifth is not to make up for it without authorization.

I believe that everyone knows that pregnant women should eat a lot of food if they want to supplement nutrition, but there are many points that need to pay attention to in diet, not as much as possible.For those pregnant women who vomit more powerful, pay attention to eating some light and easy -to -digest foods in ordinary life.In particular, it should be noted that pregnant women are best to eliminate hot foods such as dog meat and lamb, and to avoid eating those cold foods. These are not good for pregnant women’s health.

The above is what the prospective mothers who are just pregnant should pay attention to. Everyone must strictly abide by it. The specific standards can also consult a professional doctor.

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