Those things in the early stages of pregnancy

On the last week of April, I ran 5-10km every day, and my mental state was very good.But on the last day of the month, I got up at seven in the morning as usual and prepared to run, but that day was very bad and tired. In order to keep myself from running the habit of running, I still set off after a few minutes of struggle.

But just when I just ran 1km, the whole person was full of power, especially my legs were completely boring, so I found a chair to rest and decided to end the movement of the day.After returning home, I didn’t take a bath and lay on the bed.It was tired all day that day. In the afternoon, my stomach was a little bit painful, because the time was almost arrived, but because my cycle was not very accurate, it was not sure.But all the symptoms are more like. After drinking brown sugar water, the aunt’s pain at night became stronger. I also applied the warm palace sticker. I felt very comfortable when I just applied it, but I started to be a little uncomfortable when I was sleeping at night. This is a bit uncomfortable.I want to apply it again, but suddenly a doubt in my head, "Will I get pregnant?" Although I think this possibility is very small, I still did not apply it subconsciously.

The next morning, I used the pregnancy test paper to test the paper. As a result, the double bar, God, is this true?I read it a few times and confirm that it is true. It is excited and nervous in my heart.

After discovering the double bars, I wanted to go to the hospital to check the blood to verify the authenticity, but I was afraid of having an oolong. I thought that I would take a three -day confirmation at home before going.When he called and told her husband, his first reaction was the same as me "really" [cover your face]

I have really measured countless times in the past two years, and have been disappointed countless times. After all, the doctor still said that it is difficult to get pregnant three months ago.Bar

With nervousness, excitement, happiness, and fear of all kinds of emotional fluctuations, I tested for two days, and they were both double bars. At least 60%of my heart was really pregnant, but I did not get the exact result of the hospital.In the past, there will still be all kinds of concerns.On the third day, my husband accompanied me to the Maternal and Child Hospital with me. I thought I would go directly to draw blood. As a result, the doctor asked to do a B -ultrasound. The B -ultrasound was scheduled until the afternoon., Test a blood again [cover your face], the result of the blood test can only come out the next day. I really want to cry without tears. I thought that the two who knew the results of the day were forced to be more nervous for a day.Dreaming dreams of the result of the next day.

The results of the blood drawing were finally obtained the next day to confirm that I was really pregnant.This is really a good news for us. It seems that all the haze of more than this year disappeared from that moment, and finally ushered in our sun.

Small reminder: It is recommended that the prospective mothers who are new to pregnancy are best to check the results. Do not do B -ultrasound first, because in general, the month is too small B -ultrasound.Nothing out.Because we didn’t understand anything at the time, the doctor asked to check the B -ultrasound directly, and he checked it (Perhaps the doctor thought that he had measured it at home for three days and basically confirmed that the pregnancy was basically confirmed., They directly go to draw blood and start to check the fetal development in the next step). If you want to confirm whether you are pregnant first, the blood drawing is the fastest.The most effective thing is that even if you meet a doctor who is asked to be a B -ultrasound like me, you can also let the doctor open a blood test, twoDo it at the same time.

When blood drawing verification is whether to get pregnant, by the way, I watched the hormone level and found that the progesterone was low, and the doctor opened the progesterone.Although confirming that I am pregnant, after all, I am not so confident in my physical condition. Anyone who has a problem is always worried. Fortunately, the doctor is more experienced to see my worry.The situation, just review regularly. "Although the doctor said so, it is still a little uneasy, but after so many big storms, the mentality is much better. What I can do is take care of myself and listen to the doctor’s words.

Two weeks later, the hormone level was reviewed, HCG doubled well, and progesterone basically reached normal, and the stone in my heart finally fell.

The level of hormones has passed. The next step is the fetal heart buds of about 8 weeks. Only by confirming that the embryo has fetal heart sprouts and the palace is the palace, can it be considered pregnant.

I went to the hospital to check the B -ultrasound in about 6 weeks. There was a fetal heart bud in the palace. After another level, although my baby came late, it may be the best late.Really an angel baby.

Having said so much, some friends who are preparing for pregnancy will think that "having a child is so troublesome, it will be frightened all the way, it is difficult."In fact, it is not so scary. Most people will go all the way. My situation is relatively special. After all, two years of pregnancy are not pregnant, so it is particularly nervous.It is more effort.

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