Those things about pregnant women studying driving licenses …

1. Can I take a driver’s license during pregnancy?

There are different regulations for each driving school, and most of them will not be forced, but it will be recommended to postpone or sign an exemption agreement.

The most important thing is the situation of the pregnant woman itself. If the pregnant mother itself is prone to fatigue, the placenta is low, there is risk of abortion, etc., it is recommended to keep the fetus at ease.Essence

2. Should I tell the coach during pregnancy?

I suggest that you still have to tell me with personal personal experience.I was pregnant during the second period of the discipline. At that time, I did n’t know. I just felt that I had no spirit every day. I was particularly lethargic. The coach always criticized me.EssenceI later discovered that I was pregnant. At that time, I had passed the subject two, and I accidentally knew the coach. At that time, I had been practicing the subject three times.The coach heard it very nervous at the time. He was particularly afraid of the accident, and let me practice after birth, saying that he couldn’t afford this responsibility.Because I felt that I had no special response at the time, and the state was okay. The most important thing was to leave the city where I learned a driver’s license, so I insisted that I had to learn.It’s something that is not responsible for the coach driving school.Later, in the process of learning the car, the coach was quite taken care of, and told other students that everyone would pay attention during the practice of everyone.The coach will also arrange a car training and rest time to avoid tiredness.I used to hold more things as much as possible. I didn’t want to disclose the pregnancy, but the fact is that they still helped me after they know it.

3. Should I sign a liability agreement?

My agreement was written by myself. As for whether to sign this person, my coach was worried about the accident. I would blackmail him and keep urging me to write.My personal idea is indifferent. Since signing it, it can teach me at ease.During the car training process, a safety accident occurred, and this agreement was legal in law.So I dragged it to him myself. After the subject three, the coach returned it to me again.Fortunately, nothing is safe.

In summary, if the pregnant mother is physically, he can consult his family and doctors, and the reason for the reason can be learned during pregnancy, but you must do your best and take responsibility for yourself and your baby.

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