Those things about pregnancy 9

1. The physical change of pregnant mothers

1. The lower abdomen bulges slightly.On the surface, the pregnant mother has not made a significant protrusion, but the uterus is about 12 weeks of pregnancy, and it is already as big as fist, and the lower abdomen will be slightly bulge.

2. Constipation, the number of urination is increased.Beginning this period, the enlarged uterus will compress the bladder and rectum located in front and rear, plus the changes in body hormones, thereby this situation.

3. The most uncomfortable stage of pregnancy reaction.Around the 9th week of pregnancy, the pregnancy reaction was the most difficult stage. Nausea and vomiting and loss of appetite. At this time, the pregnant mother was very uncomfortable.However, as long as this stage, the pregnancy response will begin to decrease with the increase of the pregnancy week, and soon it will disappear naturally. The pregnant woman starts to increase appetite, and the decline in weight will gradually rise.

4. The breasts are further increased, the color of the areola and the nipples gradually black, the breasts are swollen and painful, and the vaginal discharge increases.

2. Precautions for pregnant mothers

1. Eliminate bad emotions.Good psychology is an important condition for breeding healthy babies. You must be good at communicating and express your dissatisfaction.

2. Reasonable diet, avoid too spicy and greasy.In fact, this stage still needs to be given to acceptable food according to the taste of pregnant women.Pregnant women during pregnancy can eat some food that they can accept than they can’t eat. Sweet and sour cabbage, steamed sea bass, pork liver spinach soup, etc. are a good choice during this period.

3. Prevent heavy makeup.Cosmetics contain more or less harmful chemicals. The thick makeup will cause toxic substances to enter the fetal cycle through the placenta, affecting the health of the fetus, and can be appropriately used in pregnant women.

4. Contract constipation.Pregnant women can use abdominal clockwise massage method to gently massage the abdomen and promote gastrointestinal motility.You can also participate in some non -violent activities, such as walking, swimming, etc.Drink a cup of warm water every morning to develop a regular bowel habit once a day.Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and rich in crude fiber.

5. It is better to wear as much as possible. It is better to use cotton or silk in clothing. The selection of underwear can cover the underwear that can cover the lower part of the navel.

Third, prenatal education

There is no special method at this stage, mainly to cultivate more leisure activities that are good for physical and mental, such as the beautiful light music with the melody.It is not advisable to watch some irritating TVs and videos.Keep in a stable mood.

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