This soup is easy to be ignored by pregnant women, but I don’t know that it is very good for pregnant women to the fetus.

Everyone still pays attention to diet during pregnancy. Anyway, when I heard that if you are good for the fetus, you can eat it.

Chicken soup, pigeon soup, fish soup, pig heart soup, pork rib soup, various nutritious broth.

But this soup is disgusted by many pregnant women-duck soup.

Pregnant women do not drink duck soup, they think that duck meat is cold, and duck meat is not delicate, so many people still ignore it directly.

There are still many benefits to drink some duck soup during pregnancy.The nutritional value of duck meat is also very high. The vitamin E and B vitamins contained in the soup have a certain effect on neuritis and beriberi.

There are several benefits to pregnant women drinking duck soup:

One: Duck meat is rich in iron, which can increase the production of heme. A large amount of heme is required during pregnancy. Drinking duck soup can prevent anemia during pregnancy.

Two: The fat content of duck meat is lower than pork, and the distribution is relatively uniform, and it is easier to digest.

Three: Duck meat contains high potassium content. In addition to rich potassium, it is rich in various nutrients, such as: zinc, copper, iron, etc. These nutrients are very balanced.

Four: Some pregnant women will have edema during pregnancy, but they cannot take medicine during pregnancy.At this time, you can eat some duck meat and drink some duck soup to effectively alleviate edema during pregnancy.

Although the nutritional value of duck meat is high, it must be appropriate. Do not eat it.Because you may have a cold physique, if you eat duck meat, you fail to supplement nutrition, which may cause other uncomfortable symptoms.

Pregnant women who can eat should also pay attention to these points when eating:

One: To ensure that it is fresh duck meat.When buying, you should also see if the seller’s shop is relatively hygienic and standardized.

Two: When choosing a duck, see if the duck is more mentally energetic, whether the feathers are more dense, and whether the call is loud.

3: It is best not to eat the frozen duck in the supermarket.It looks fresh or may not be so fresh, and it is even more uncomfortable to stew soup.

Fourth: Duck soup or duck meat for pregnant women should not be too heavy. It is not suitable for pregnant women. It is best to be light.

Five: Pregnant women in early pregnancy should be eaten as little as possible, and they can be eaten in moderation in the second trimester.If you eat too much, the fetus may be cold.

Duck soup recipes suitable for pregnancy during pregnancy:

One: Camellia Mushroom Duck Soup

Material: A moderate amount of duck (decided by the situation, one person, two or one family); the right amount of tea tree mushrooms, ginger, salt

Method: 1. Dry tea tree mushrooms need to be soaked in advance, almost 20 minutes, and then clean.

2. It feels that the lean meat with more ducks can also be removed first, and the small fried duck lean meat is also good.After the water is boiled, remove blood.

3. After about 2 minutes, you can rinse the foam on the duck meat with cold water, put it in a stew pot, and put the washed tea tree mushrooms and ginger together.

4. Duck broth will be greasy, so you can remove too much oil when stewed low heat.

Two: Taro Old Duck Soup

Ingredients: duck meat, taro, carrots, large ingredients, green garlic, green onions, ginger slices, fragrant leaves, salt-appropriate amount

Method: The water in the pot is opened into the duck meat slightly to remove the blood. After picking up, put it in the re -boiled water.

After 2 hours, add taro and carrots and simmer for half an hour.

Finally add salt and add green garlic.

Three: Mushroom Duck Soup

Materials: duck meat, mushrooms, cooking wine, ginger, salt — appropriate amount

Method: 1. Wash dry mushrooms and open duck meat in the pot to remove blood.

2. Duck meat, dried mushrooms, add ginger, cooking wine and salt.

3. Stew for two hours. If you like duck meat, you can get longer.

Is there a lot of pregnant women who listened to the elderly during pregnancy and said that they ca n’t drink duck soup, otherwise the fetus will not be separated?

It was pitted. This statement has no scientific basis at all, and diet during pregnancy must also be treated scientifically.

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