This situation occurs in the body in the early pregnancy. Pregnant mothers cannot be lazy, and the birth checkup must be kept up!

Tian Tian had always wanted to go to the hospital for a check -up after he found that he was pregnant at the end of August.But my girlfriend told her: In terms of the experience of the person, it is not necessary to check it. Many times the birth check is used. Many of them are useless. You are a first tire. You have not had a miscarriage before. Besides, you are only 24 years old.Tian Tian also feels reasonable after listening to his girlfriend, so wait for 12 weeks to build files!

But recently she found that she has a lot of vaginal secretions and yellow. Is this going on?It was frightened to Tian Tian.Pulling her husband quickly went to the hospital for examination.The doctor told her that this was a normal physiological phenomenon. Don’t worry too much, and told her to pay attention to changing the underwear diligently, just go to the re -to -check to build the file.Tian Tian’s heart is put down, so is it normal for the increase in secretions in the early pregnancy?

In the early pregnancy, the hormone in the pregnant mother’s body increased and accelerated metabolism, which easily caused the vaginal epithelial tissue and the secretion of cervical glandular body, which manifested the increase in vaginal milk -white secretions, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.Obviously Tian Tian does not belong to this situation, so we must consider the following reasons.

Biochemical pregnancy

Biochemical pregnancy is mainly because the biochemical pregnancy caused by fertilized eggs is that the HCG value is high. The test strip test with early pregnancy will appear positive.After that, you will come to normal menstruation.


Vaginitis during pregnancy is divided into two types: one is vaginitis caused by physical dysfunction caused by pregnancy. Postpartum is cured with the rise of maternal body immunity. The other is that vaginitis really needs to receive related treatment after childbirth.

Ectopic pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, fertilized eggs If you bed outside the uterine cavity, medicine will consider the possibility of ectopic pregnancy in the case of eliminating biochemical pregnancy.It is manifested as a brown secretion of pregnant women, and accompanied by persistent abdominal pain. Ectopic pregnancy needs to be used as soon as possible or surgical treatment, otherwise it will easily cause major bleeding.

The increase in hormones in the early pregnancy leads to an increase in secretions in pregnant mothers. As long as there is no vulvar itching, the secretions are not brown, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.It is recommended that pregnant mothers rest more, learn to relax themselves, usually drink plenty of boiled water, eat less spicy and irritating foods, prohibit the same room, change the underwear, change the underwear after washing in the sun, review the B -ultrasound in one week, you can see the fetal bud tires, you can see the fetal buds.The heartbeat indicates that the embryo develops normally.

In the early pregnancy, secretions are normal, and Tian Tian is yellow secretion and does not belong to pathological.You can go to the hospital to check the progesterone and HCG, and do the B -ultrasound image. You can also understand the position and number of embryos, which is convenient for the fetal development in time.In the early stages of pregnancy, the number of pregnancy tests is not necessarily certain. Pregnant mothers should not care about it.

Pregnant mothers, do you have symptoms of increased secretions in the early pregnancy?

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