This recognized "master of lungs" is most suitable for eating more in autumn

After the summer, it means that it is getting closer to autumn.The climate of autumn is "dry", and our lungs are moist and dry.

Therefore, today, I want to recommend a good product for nourishing the lungs -Lily, now I eat it quickly and make preparations for anti -Qiu drying in advance.

Eat lily often

It turns out that these health benefits

Lily is cool and clear, the main enters the lungs and heart, which is suitable for consumption in this season.

Nourish the lungs

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that white lungs, and eating white food often is good for lung health.Lily is also one of the white foods. It can clear the lungs and relieve cough, nourish yin and moisturize, and are often used in the treatment of symptoms such as lung dryness and lung heat cough.

Ningxin and soothe

Lily also has the effects of clearing the mind and annoyance, peaceful heart and peace of mind. It has a good relief effect on the situation of God’s thoughts, restless minds, and upset. It can also play a certain role in conditioning for insomnia and dreams.

Stabilize blood pressure

The potassium content of lilies is very rich, ranking among the best in vegetables.A fresh lily, about 50 grams, contains 255 mg of potassium, can meet the daily recommended intake of about 13%.And the sodium content of lily is very low, which is very helpful to control blood pressure, so it is very suitable for people with high blood pressure.

Boost the immune system

Lily contains more pectin (a soluble dietary fiber). It enters the intestine to promote the reproduction of probiotics, which is conducive to maintaining the balance of intestinal flora and strengthening immunity barrier.In addition, lily also contains certain protein, lily polysaccharides and other substances, which also help in enhance physical fitness.

About Lily

You have to know these 4 questions


Is lily poisonous?

Raw lily contains colchicine, which has certain toxicity of this substance.However, the collateral pyrumine is not heat -resistant and easy to dissolve in water, so as long as it is soaked and heated by cold water, you can eat it more assured.

In a word: if you are cooked, eat, don’t eat raw!


Buy fresh lilies or dry lily?

The biggest difference between fresh lilies and dry lilies is that the moisture content is different, and the two are not much different in terms of nutritional value.Everyone chooses everyday, mainly depends on cooking methods and personal preferences.

Generally speaking, fresh lily is tender and delicious, so it is mostly used for small fried, soup, porridge, and desserts. It is convenient to store lily in the four seasons, so it usually uses it when medicine and tea.


How to pick Layo?

Fresh lilies are best to choose white color, large head, and no obvious spots on the surface, and the scales should be thick and full, and the thickness is uniform. This taste is better.

Dry lily should choose light yellow, dry and not soft; if the color is dark and the feel is a bit soft, it may have been tide, and it is not advisable to buy it.


Can Lily eat a lot?

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the nature of Lily is cold, so it is not suitable for eating too much at a time.

From the perspective of modern nutrition, Lily is also not a kind of ingredients that can be eaten in large amounts.Its carbohydrate content is very high. At the same weight, its calories are even more than rice.Therefore, taking it as a side dishes must be controlled, or appropriately reduce the intake of other staple foods such as rice and noodles, otherwise it is easy to gain weight.

Finally, I will introduce two tips for storage of fresh lilies:

The entire fresh lily can be wrapped in paper in the kitchen, then put on fresh bags and put it in the refrigerator. This can keep dry and extend the fresh -keeping period;

As for the cut lily, it is easy to be oxidized in the air. It can be soaked in clean water and then refrigerated and eaten as soon as possible.

Source: CCTV home for dinner

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