This kind of fruit is listed in large quantities!Don’t eat more, the consequences may be very serious

In the season of eating lychee, the so -called "three hundred litchi in the sun, and the long -standing Lingnan people."Litchi is the "Eat Poet" Su Dongpo’s poem to vigorously restrict the delicious season to the world.

Call away the seductive shell and expose the white tender flesh. It seems to be bursting out of the fruit juice, and when you bite the smooth and tender flesh, you roll with the tip of your tongue.It’s so delicious!This makes many people unable to stop as soon as they eat, but don’t be greedy for no matter how delicious it is. Every summer, there are news that people enter the hospital because of eating too much litchi in one breath.

There are also many rumors about litchi on the Internet.Intersection

What is "litchi disease"?

Once "lychee disease" occurs, it will cause hypoglycemia in the human body, and may even cause hypoglycemia brain.

Light symptoms will have symptoms such as dizziness, sweating, pale, fatigue, panic, thirst, hunger and other symptoms.Severe people may have cold limbs, decreased blood pressure, even twitching, coma, and even shock.Therefore, although the occurrence of "litchi disease" is rare, it cannot be underestimated.

So, how did "litchi disease" happen?

In fact, there is no fully studying the pathogenesis of "litchi disease" in medicine and the cause of the pathogenic cause of litchi.However, through the summary of a large number of onset processes, eating a large amount of lychee in an empty stomach is a key factor in disease.Therefore, lychee can be eaten, but to avoid eating too much, let alone eat too much.

In addition, "litchi disease" is mostly in the children, and children should pay more attention.After eating a large amount of lychee, because the litchi contains more glucose, sucrose and fructose, eating too much at one time will stimulate the human body to produce a large amount of insulin in a short time and reduce blood sugar concentration.Children’s ability to activate insulin is not enough due to insufficient self -regulating ability in the body, so it is more likely to develop hypoglycemia.

Speaking of which, someone may wonder: Although the litchi is sweet, the other fruits are sweet and there are a lot of sugar. Why is there no watermelon, strawberry disease, and mango disease?

This is because "litchi disease" is not only a lot of sugar, but also two types of toxins in lychee: Periodine A (Hypoglycin-A) and α-A-A-A-A-A-ring propyl glycine (METHYLENECLOPROPROPROPYL) Glycine, Mcpg).

These two toxins are not owned by lychee. For example, Aramine A is a kind of non -protein amino acid that exists in non -sufferings, and it is also the culprit that causes tooth buying and vomiting.And this disease is actually a "litchi disease", because people will vomit after eating a large number of Akkai wood fruits called West African lychee, which will also cause death in severe cases.

Therefore, it is not enough to cause "lychee disease" to light sugar, and these two toxins need to be "cooperated".After all, we will not only consume sugar when eating fruits in daily life, and the drinks we drink are seasoned with sugar. Although there is a "litchi disease", we do not need to misunderstand the sugar.

Symptoms, how to first aid?

If you eat litchi, there are symptoms of hypoglycemia. Without severe symptoms such as convulsions and coma, you can first consume the symptoms of the food, honey, white sugar, biscuits and other foods.

However, it should be noted that the sweet drink, milk, other fruits, ice cream, chocolate, etc. seasoned with fruit syrup, is not recommended for first aid.

In addition, if there are more severe symptoms, such as convulsions, unclear consciousness, etc., it is recommended to directly call the emergency phone to send it to the hospital. Do not feed food or water without authorization to avoid suffocation.

How to avoid the occurrence of "litchi disease"?

Although there is a "litchi disease", we don’t have to give up the delicious food like litchi because of the waste of food.So how can you avoid the occurrence of "litchi disease" when eating lychee?

First of all, be sure to avoid "fasting" and "excessive consumption". The empty stomach is well understood. Eat some foods containing carbohydrates before eating lychee.

However, many people may have different understanding of "excessive" standards.In fact, ordinary adults eat about 200g of lychee every day, and the lychee of ordinary heads is about 10.If it is a large lychee king who has been popular in recent years, it is enough 4 to 5.If children want to eat, do not exceed 100g.If you are a patient with diabetes, don’t consider age, lychee cannot be eaten!

In addition, when eating lychee, you must choose cooked, do not eat immature lychee.Among the immature lychee, the toxin content is higher, the risk is greater, and the taste is not good.

However, it should be noted that the maturity of litchi cannot completely look at whether the shell is green to judge.After all, even if the variety of "concubine laughs" itself is ripe, it is green, so judging that the lychee’s raw maturity must be viewed according to the characteristics of the variety.

Source: Xinhuanet WeChat account

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