This kind of cold "drinking ginger soup" really uses it, but drink it before the throat hurts

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For most Chinese people, "ginger soup" is a good thing. It is cold, rainy, and a cold. Drink a bowl of ginger soup to warm the whole body.

However, some people say that when drinking ginger soup feels comfortable, it is a psychological effect.A recent new study confirmed that Jiang Tangzhi was indeed effective.

Why can drinking ginger soup "cure a cold"?Experts interpret how ginger play a role.

Interviewed expert

Fan Zhihong, a professor at the School of Food Science and Nutrition Engineering, China Agricultural University

Zhu Xinxuan, director of the Health Management Center of Southeast University Affiliated to Zhongda Hospital and Deputy Chief Physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine Department

Chinese registered nutritionist Liu Pingping

Editor in this issue: Wang Xiaoqing

Drinking ginger soup is really effective

Research teams from Germany posted on the "Molecular Nutrition & Food Research" stating that 30 ~ 60 minutes after volunteer drinking 1 liter of ginger tea, researchers can detect in their blood samples.A large amount of gingerin, the level of 6-gingerol will be at the highest, can reach 7 ~ 17 micrograms per liter of plasma.

These gingerin can make white blood cells in a high degree of alertness, thereby enhancing immune function.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, I drank ginger soup and felt that the body was hot because of the warmth and taste of ginger.After the rain and cold, the cold cold invades from the body surface. At this time, taking ginger soup can use its warmth to drive the evil of wind and cold out of the body.

There is a "time limit" for drinking ginger soup

After the cold invasion of the human body, after a period of time, it will often be converted into hot evil. At this time, taking ginger soup will not only be useless, but also cause the "oil on the fire" due to the warmth of the ginger, which will increase the condition.

Therefore, the cold cold can take ginger soup as early as possible. Once dry throat, sore throat, cough, yellow sputum can no longer drink.To sum up, ginger cannot be used for wind and heat, and influenza viruses often belong to the evil of warmth, nor can they be treated with ginger soup.

Ginger soup adds a little material and get a small problem

Ginger taste is spicy. When cooking ginger soup, adding a little can not only enhance the taste, but also gain some special effects.

Jujube ginger soup: jujube and ginger can be used to give full play to the role of ginger, promote the circulation of qi and blood, and improve the symptoms of cold hands and feet.Ginger rejuvenates warmth, jujube reinsurance is very effective for stomach cold.

Little onion ginger soup: This flavor ginger soup is suitable for acute gastroenteritis such as abdominal pain and vomiting and diarrhea due to disease.Drinking some ginger soup appropriately can play a role in prevention and treatment.

Salt and vinegar ginger soup: The shoulders and waist are cold. You can boil some hot ginger soup. First add a little salt and vinegar to the hot ginger soup, and then use a towel to dip the water to apply it to the affected area. Repeat several times to relieve pain.Those who are damaged by the skin will be used with caution.

Green Tea Ginger Soup: Cafein in green tea can enhance the excitement process of the cerebral cortex, which helps to refresh the heart and clear the heart. In the summer, cooking with ginger can help prevent heat stroke.Relieve.

It should be reminded that there are more nutrients in the ginger epidermis. When boiling the soup, you should peel or do not peel to avoid the loss of nutrients.

Several types of people are best to eat less or not

It should be noted that ginger is not suitable for everyone.

People with fever in their hands and feet belong to yin deficiency, which is caused by insufficient fluid in the body.Ginger is warm, consumes liquid fluid, and also has symptoms such as dry mouth, dry eyes, upset and anger.

The constipation people are mostly intestinal heat. Eating a large amount of ginger will increase the symptoms of constipation.

People with bad breath, Chinese medicine believes that bad breath is caused by stomach heat, and ginger will increase the original symptoms.

People with yellow sputum are because the lung heat is dry and the lungs are dry, and the ginger is easy to increase the symptoms.

Ginger can be healthy without cooking soup

There are many health proverbs related to ginger, such as "eating radish in winter and eating ginger, do not work doctors to prescribe medicine" and so on.In addition to cooking ginger soup and as a seasoning, ginger also has many health care.

At present, scientists have found more than 100 chemical ingredients in ginger, including volatile oil, gingerin, diopyl heptane, ketone compounds, etc.

Benexual digestive system

Ginger and other substances in ginger can stimulate the taste nerves and sensors on the gastric mucosa, enhance gastrointestinal motility, promote the secretion of gastrointestinal fluid, and enhance the sterilization and digestion of the mouth and gastric.

In addition to digestion, ginger can also alleviate diarrhea caused by bacteria.

Prevent vomiting

Eating 1 ~ 2 grams of ginger in advance is helpful for preventing motion sickness and seasickness; you can also eat ginger -containing foods when taking a boat, such as ginger flavor sugar.

Ginger has the effect of relieving nausea. Pregnant women who have nausea and vomiting problems in the early pregnancy can try food containing ginger, such as ginger tea and ginger.


Studies have found that at the first to 3 days of the menstrual cycle, taking 0.75 ~ 2 grams of ginger powder (1 gram of ginger powder is equivalent to 4 grams of fresh ginger), it will help to alleviate dysmenorrhea.

Women with dysmenorrhea can try to eat some foods with ginger or ginger.

Anti -inflammatory

A study published in "Equipment and Supplement Medical Magazine" shows that drugs such as ginger and ibuprofen also help relieve menstrual pain, migraine, muscle pain, and bone arthrocontinal pain.Essence

Inhibit fungus

A study of the German "fungal disease" journal was tested on the antifungal effect of 29 plants and found that ginger is most effective for killing fungi.

In addition, when eating ginger, you should pay special attention to two things:

Eat meat with ginger to promote digestion.Ginger can remove the fishy smell of beef and mutton and seafood foods.Ginger can also help digestion and absorption of high protein food by increasing digestive fluid secretion.You only need to eat about 1 gram of ginger every day to improve digestion.

The spoiled ginger never eats it.Ginger will produce a very toxic organic matter -elastic, which can degenerate hepatocytes and induce cancer.If the cut ginger color becomes brown and the taste is strange, don’t eat it.

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