This is the reason for abortion, premature birth, male infertility

"Pharaoh, the test report said that I have mycoplasma infection. You honestly explain, is it you who come back to make me infect me with flowers outside!"

"Wife, I’m wronged …"

Sisters, see the mycoplasma positive test report form, don’t rush back to ask pig teammates, because sexual contact is not the only way to spread the Zhibabia infection.Moreover, urogenital tract infections were originally one of the most common diseases in adults.However, if it is not treated well in the case of support, it may cause premature birth, abortion, abortion, posture of fetal growth, and male infertility.

So what exactly is mycoplasma?What should I do if I am infected?How to prevent it?


What is mycoplasma?

We often hear that microorganisms are bacteria and viruses. So which one belongs to mycoplasma?It is not it.

Mycoplasma is also a type of microorganism. There are currently 16 species of mycoplasma separated from the human body, of which 7 of them are pathogenic to the human body.Paraphony related to urogenital tract infection has a chlamydiac (UU), human -like branches (MH), and germ mycoplasma (MG).

Byrachida infection is very common. The survey report of the World Health Organization shows that for adults, the most common disease is not a cold, but a urogenital tract infection. The mycoplasma infection is one of the causes.


How is mycoplasma spread?

Mycoplasma has three main propagation methods: sexual contact, indirect object contact, and maternal and infant communication.

Sexual contact dissemination: Sexual contact dissemination is the most common cause of adult infections. It can be caused by mycoplasma infections due to unclean sexual intercourse or sexual intercourse.

Indirect objects exposure to spread: It mainly refers to the contaminated toilet, panties, bath towels, bathtubs, etc.

Maternal and baby transmission: The reproductive tract of pregnant women is infected with mycoplasma, and the baby’s reproductive tract is infected by the mother’s reproductive tract when the baby is born, which is infected with mycoplasma, which can seriously lead to neonatal pneumonia or meningitis.

Seeing it, sexual contact is not the only way to spread. If the sisters use contaminated toilets, bath towels, etc., they may also be infected.So don’t ask the pig teammates as soon as you find out the positive. Maybe you are positive, he is negative.


What will happen if you are infected?

Under normal circumstances, many people do not have obvious symptoms after infection. In severe cases, the following symptoms may experience the following symptoms:

Women: symptoms of cervicitis (increased leucorrhea, turbidity, cervical edema, congestion or surface erosion).If the endometrium is infected during pregnancy, it can lead to velvet amniaitis, natural abortion, slow fetal growth, premature birth and postpartum fever.

Men: A small number of male patients can affect sperm quality, reduce sperm vitality, increase sperm DNA fragmentation, or produce antibodies and sperm membranes to cause male infertility.

Both men and women may have symptoms of urethritis: itching in the urethra, acute urine, poor urine or endless urine, redness and swelling of the urethral mouth, thin or purulent secretions.


What should I do if I am infected?

If the relevant symptoms of no urogenital tract infection, only those who are positive for test results do not have to be treated.

For those who have fertility or symptoms, it is recommended that patients and their sexual partners receive treatment at the same time. During the period, protective sexual life, such as using condoms.

To prevent the chlamydia infection of the genital tract, pay attention to the hygiene of private parts, wash your hands and change your underwear, and refuse high -risk sex.

Therefore, for young couples who have fertility needs and are preparing for pregnancy, it is best to come to the hospital for a maternity evaluation or pre -pregnancy examination to clarify whether there is a disease that affects normal pregnancy. Don’t wait for the problem for more than half a year to find the problem.Essence

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