This is not a dream!The Tai’an woman was pregnant 3 months after being diagnosed with infertility, director: This is true

"I’m not dreaming." On this day, a woman in my clinic exclaimed with a test list. I smiled and said to her, "This is true, you are not dreaming."The woman’s surname Yu was not pregnant with her husband for three years. Later, she was diagnosed with severe infertility in the local hospital. When she was cold, she found me when she was cold. However, after three months of conditioningMs. Yu was surprised to find that she was pregnant!

Seek love, ordinary happiness!

This is the case. Ms. Yu, 28 years old, has been married to her husband for three years, and life is relatively good.Ms. Yu and her husband were colleagues. At that time, when she graduated from Ms. Yu, her husband was her leader when she first entered the unit. With her husband’s guidance and help, the lady adapted to all her jobs. At the same time, she had a deep relationship with her husband.However, the husband does not think it is a middle -level cadre of the company, but he has always been very embarrassed for people.

Later, with the continuous pursuit and hint of the lady, and the encouragement of her colleagues, Ms. Yu’s husband finally got the courage to ask the lady to watch a movie after work, and Ms. Yu also understood the meaning of her husband.So they agreed happily, and slowly confirmed their love relationship. Later, one year later, they successfully entered the palace of marriage.

The misfortune in happiness, the heart is reluctant to propose a divorce!

After the marriage, Ms. Yu lived happily. The in -laws took her as a biological daughter to be reluctant to let her live, and her husband cared about her even more, so that Ms. Yu’s life was like soaking in a honeypot.However, there will be troubles with joy in life. After marriage, Ms. Yu’s in -laws and parents want her and her husband to have children early.

After two years, Ms. Yu was still not pregnant. On this day, she couldn’t sit still. She asked her husband to come to the local hospital for examination. After the examination, the local hospital doctor told Ms.Infertility should not get pregnant naturally in this life.After listening to Ms. Yu, it was like five thunders, and she was lying in the arms of her husband and cried, and the two of them returned home together under the comfort of her husband.After returning home, Ms. Yu told her in -laws that she asked her to divorce her husband. After listening to her husband and in -laws, she said, "What silly words, which family will be smooth.It rejected Ms. Yu’s divorce request.

The rainbow after the wind and rain, the miracle in all thoughts!

In the future, Ms. Yu and her husband were inquiring about the famous doctors of infertility while working, and Ms. Yu’s parents -in -law and parents also looked for relevant hospitals and experts for help. LaterSaid me, and quickly asked my son to bring Ms. Yu to find me.After listening to their complaints, I took them to do an examination. After the examination, I found that Ms. Yu suffered from uterine adenocia and severe palace cold, which caused Ms. Yu for infertility for three years.

After reading the results, I said to the lady: You don’t need to worry about this, it is not as difficult as imagined, you can calm down your mind.After speaking, I analyzed the condition of Ms. Yu, and used the combination of surgical treatment and traditional Chinese medicine conditioning for targeted treatment. It reminded that women must pay attention to their diet and keep a warm attitude.

The third month after the ladies received treatment, Ms. Yu suddenly realized that her menstruation did not come. After testing, Ms. was pregnant, so I was not assured that Ms. came to the hospital to confirm it. After inspection, Ms. Yu was really pregnant.After getting the test sheet, Ms. Yu was stunned and said: Is this true?Am I dreaming!When I heard it, I said: It is true, you are not dreaming, you are really pregnant, remember to pay attention to nutrition and check regularly in the future.

Now that Ms. Yu has been pregnant for more than five months, she has found that Ms. Yu’s children are very healthy, and Ms. Yu’s physical fitness is also very healthy. Finally, she wish Ms. Yu’s mother and child a healthy and happy life.Here I also remind you that friends who are facing infertility. Do not give up. You must accept the inspection correctly, seek medical treatment correctly, and treat it accurately. I wish you a dream soon and come on!

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