This indicator during pregnancy implies the fetal Bao’an crisis.

Amniotic fluid is the carrier of the baby during pregnancy, and it is one of the elements of life.It also has certain indicators. Whether it is more or less, it may have an impact on the fetus, so expectant mothers need to understand the amniotic fluid index.

Generally speaking: At any time of pregnancy, more than 2000ml of amniotic fluid is called too much amniotic fluid. In the third trimester, if the total amount of amniotic fluid in pregnant mothers has less than 300 ml, it means that there is too little amniotic fluid.

How to judge more or less amniotic fluid?

Judging the amount of amniotic fluid cannot draw conclusions from the size and weight of the pregnant mother’s belly, and it is necessary to rely on the professional test of the hospital.During the checkup, the doctor will ask the pregnant mother to do an ultrasonic examination. This examination is used to evaluate the amount of amniotic fluid.In the ultrasonic report, there is an index called the amniotic fluid index. This index is an index that reflects the amount of amniotic fluid. The normal range value of amniotic fluid is 5-18cm.

If the index reaches 18cm, it can be determined to be too much amniotic fluid; if the index is less than 8cm, you can consider that the amniotic fluid is too small. If it is less than 5cm, it is too low amniotic fluid.

Harm: Excessive amniotic fluid mothers are prone to suffering from pregnancy hypertension, premature birth, premature fetal membrane breaks, and abnormal fetal position.Too little amniotic fluid, baby baby during pregnancy is easy to danger. At the same time, fetal distress will occur during childbirth, and the baby after production is also difficult to raise than normal babies.

What should I do if I do too little amniotic fluid?

1. In the case of excessive amniotic fluid, pregnant mothers should first conduct deformed examinations. Once the fetus is found, the pregnancy should be terminated as soon as possible.If the fetus is normal but too much amniotic fluid, there is a treatment of diabetes with diabetes during pregnancy, and there is a hypertension during pregnancy to reduce blood pressure. Pregnant mothers should also pay attention to low -salt diets, reduce their drinking water, and rest in bed.

2. For mothers with too little amniotic fluid, if you are sure that the fetus is mature or the placental function is severe, the pregnancy must be terminated immediately.If the fetus is not enough and the fetal lungs are not mature, the expectation therapy for increasing amniotic fluid can be performed, and the pregnancy week can be extended as much as possible, and the fetus is given enough time to develop further.

Pregnant mothers must pay attention to the index of amniotic fluid during pregnancy, because this is likely to be the signal of the development status given by the baby.

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