This dream during pregnancy is a signing signal issued by the baby with the baby. Have you ever done it?

A few days ago I heard a few treasures in the office chatting and heard a very magical thing they said.It is said that many pregnant mothers can have a baby dream before pregnancy or during pregnancy. We are particularly curious to ask, what is the dream of fetal dreams, and the baby is the baby to dream?

Several mother -in -law said with a smile. I heard it. Although I did n’t know if I was accurate, I felt quite interesting.And many Bao moms have been verified. It is said that every baby is coming to report grace. They will pass the good news to Baoma through some methods. This method is the dream of fetal.Several Baoma said that the magical dreams did during pregnancy, and what magical things happened to hear.

Xia ** Mai: I heard the old man at home before pregnancy that the old man said this, and the old man at home said to me that it was likely that dreaming would dream of snakes, but don’t be afraid. This is not a bad omen.Later, I dreamed of a snake once, but because I was afraid of this thing, I remember I started looking for a stick to hit him hard in the dream, and then I forgot about it, but the magical thing was that the baby was the whole after the baby was born.The back is blue, just like being beaten. At that time, I felt really amazing, but then slowly gone.

Laughing ** Love: I have always felt that the baby dream is a very magical thing, and I have always believed in the existence of fetal dreams.I still remember that when I was pregnant, I dreamed that in a beautiful world full of flowers, I felt that I was a daughter at the time.Later, a week before the baby was born, I had another dream, and this time I dreamed of a beautiful beauty wearing.Later, I asked her if she could meet again?She told me that she could meet me on the seventh day. The magical was that the baby was born on the seventh day, and it was a female baby. My husband and I were stunned.

Fan **: I remember this incident. I didn’t know that I was pregnant at that time, but one night I dreamed that I dreamed that a bodhisattva was holding a cute baby in a bellyband.Then I asked the Bodhisattva for me in my dream?The Bodhisattva nodded with a smile, and then I picked it over.I really remember this dream. I felt likely that I was pregnant when I woke up the next morning, so I didn’t wash my face, so I ran to the community pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick. The last test was really pregnant.EssenceIt’s really amazing.

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