This common seasoning in the hot pot is actually a "health assassin"!Elderly and children pay special attention to

"Eating well" is a good way to make people happy

Friends gathered and rubbed hot pot.

However, some netizens said they were eating hot pot

Somber oil spicy oil is uncomfortable in the throat

Almost suffocating

Netizens found out after checking

It turned out to be pepper "

What exactly is going on?

Pepper, why is it fragrant and numb?

The "peppercorns" we usually eat are the peppercorn pepper, Japanese pepper, "rattan pepper" wild peppercorns, bamboo leaf peppercorns, etc.

Fragrance of peppercorns

The fragrance of peppercorns makes many people want to stop, and many people will also buy peppercorns for oil, that is, they like its aroma.

In fact, peppercorns are extracted from the peppercorns of peppercorns.The peppercorns oil is pale yellow oil with orange peel and grapefruit skin. There are similar sources. They biologically belong to the plants of the Rutae.

Pepper oil contains volatile substances such as lemon, laurelne, α-蒎, and pine oil. Together, these substances together form the unique and strong fragrance of peppercorns.


Many people think that the "hemp" of peppercorns is a sense of taste.

But the facts may subvert your cognition: we usually feel numb when we eat peppercorns, which is a sense of "mochi" like a slight electric shock.

So how does it happen?

To put it simply, it is a kind of alcohol in the peppercorns, called hydroxyl noreopia pepperol, which is the peppercorns hemp.This alcohol can activate a kind of nerve fiber under your skin, which makes it tremor. The frequency of tremor is about 50 Hz, which reflects the feeling of numbness.

In fact, peppercorns will produce this "numb substance" is a self -protection mechanism of evolution, which can avoid being eaten by some animals such as insects.

Beauty is delicious, be careful of suffocation danger

However, it is necessary to remind everyone that although the "hemp" of peppercorns is delicious, its "hemp" is also a kind of anesthesia. It has anesthesia effect on nerves. In the trachea, it may cause respiratory paralysis.

If a large amount of peppercorns or directly inhaled peppercorns, this compound will stimulate the respiratory tract in large quantities, causing the trachea, bronchial and lung contraction, hindering the entry of oxygen, and severe suffocation.

How to prevent it?

It is recommended to pay attention when eating peppercorns

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Eat moderately

Don’t pursue the taste stimulus excessively and eat too much pepper and pepper oil at one time.Pay attention to it, avoid eating too much and danger, especially the elderly, children, and people with respiratory diseases.

As a kind of edible oil, the heat of peppercorns is not low, and eating too much is not conducive to controlling weight.

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Chew slowly

Don’t overeating.If you eat those foods with whole peppercorns, try to chew slowly as possible, do not eat too fast, try not to talk and make trouble when you eat, prevent the whole peppercorns from inhaling the trachea.

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If you feel unwell, rinse your mouth with water as soon as possible

To avoid the re -stimulation of the pharynx and respiratory system, when the situation is serious, go to the hospital for medical treatment in time.

Who is not suitable for eating peppercorns?

If you are the following types of people, pay attention to avoid eating peppercorns ~

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Patients with swelling of throat

Pepper is a mild condiment. Eating it will increase the heat in the body, and symptoms such as fire, dry mouth, dry mouth, oral ulcer and other symptoms.If people with swelling of the throat often eat peppercorns, it can cause recurrent problems in the throat.

Therefore, everyone should pay attention to, and there are throat diseases, and try to avoid easy food such as peppercorns.


Bronchitis patient

The camphor of peppercorns often cause negative effects on the liver of the human body, which can form food poisoning, leading to harmful symptoms such as bronchial bleeding or dyspnea, and syncope.In order to avoid these damage, this kind of people must stay away from peppercorns.


Pregnant women cannot eat

Pepper contains camphor, which can lead to the tendency of poisoning in pregnant women and affect the health of the mother and fetus.

In addition, peppercorns also have a strong tire effect, which can easily cause miscarriage, so pregnant women should try to avoid eating peppercorns and foods containing peppercorns.

Eating hot pot is a happy thing

Remember to be cautious if you eat peppercorns ~

Source: Guangzhou Health Commission

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