This "vampire" is more difficult than mosquito!5 tricks can cure it

The hot summer is here

There are more mosquitoes

Walk downstairs in the community, park, etc.

Inexplicablely biting a bag

Still itchy

Is there too much mosquito?


The probability of the real "murderer" is it

Many treasures


, (Mgng), this guy is really fierce.

Its body length is only 1 to 4mm, smaller than sesame grains, brown or black, and is also called "little black worm" and "small black mosquito".

After being bitten by 蠓, the symptoms are similar to the bite of mosquitoes, causing many people to mistakenly think that they are bitten by mosquitoes.

But in fact, after the bite, the symptoms are more serious!After being bitten by 蠓–

● At the beginning, red dots or red spots appeared.

● But then, it will be extremely itchy, lasting for a week, and the more itchy, the more itchy, and there may be pimple urticaria.

● If you ca n’t help it, you accidentally scratch the wound. After that, you may have a large area of redness due to the infection, and even blisters will appear in the middle.

● Some may also become blisters, and serious vascular edema or systemic wind groups and large ecchymosis will occur.

The biggest affected by tapeworms is Guangdong and Fujian.

In Guangdong, July to mid -October is the active peak of ticks.

I like to produce eggs on the surface of hot and humid soil, and adults also like to gather in a cool and humid and lush place.

It is terrible that 会 generally does not act alone, usually flying in the air in a nest, especially in summer parks.

Therefore, when you encounter a bag, the attack power is fiercer than mosquitoes.

① Use soapy water.

② Keep the bite place clean. If you foam, you will generally break it carefully. Apply it with iodophor. Wipe it about once every hour. Be sure to keep it clean.

③ Those with obvious skin symptoms can take anti -allergic drugs.

④ If severe symptoms such as high fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, and consciousness disorder should seek medical treatment in time and inform doctors to bite the history of bite.

① Go out and wear long -sleeved trousers

Wearing long -sleeved trousers during the outing, do not wear short skirts.

② Bring "guy" mosquito repellent drive with you

Try to stay away from the lush area of the green plant by the lake.

③ It is best not to spray perfume

The tadpole is happy and rotten, and the sweat smell can also seduce insects. This is why the tapeworm appears in groups of the rivers and dams!It is best not to use perfume, and you would rather have more soap flavor on your body.

④ The yarn network should be "dense but not leaking"

If you live on the first floor, you must prepare a special screen window, which is close enough!Film!Ordinary anti -mosquito screens cannot prevent the invasion of the pupa at all.

⑤ Eliminate the "nest" of the tapeworm

Fill the potholes, remove the stagnant water, block the tree holes, and remove the moss.(Best blood -sucking flying ability is weak.

From: Healthy Guangdong

Source: first scene

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