This "fruit of the spleen", specialize in various "virtual" leftover in the summer

The summer dampness is really special -gas consumption, injury, and destroying the spleen and stomach.

In the summer, friends who have become yellow and dry, please raise your hands; the spleen and stomach becomes poor, friends who eat what are not fragrant, please lift your hands;; If you are weak, friends who are too lazy to move, please raise your hand.

One summer is not ill, but the spleen and stomach are deficient, and the qi and blood value of the whole body is lowered.In addition, it is no strange to add heat and sweating.

It has already established autumn, people with insufficient foundation can no longer let go of "virtual",

If you go again, you have to mobilize the precious kidney qi storage, not worth it.

At this time, the spleen and stomach need to be strong, because the current deficiency is just a humidity caused by spleen deficiency, the biochemistry of the qi and blood is not prosperous, and it is relatively easy to adjust it while the weather gradually cools down.

The spleen fruit was born for "Xia Xu".

"The taste of the lotus is sweet, the temperature is astringent, and the qi of Qingfang has the taste of the crowd, which is also the fruit of the spleen.

The soil is the mother of vitality."

——Li Shizhen’s "Compendium of Materia Medica"

The lotus leaves came out in May, the lotus bloomed in June, and the lotus puff was collected in July. Lotus seeds were seeds of summer gas.

Therefore, the common fatigue, weakness, and lack of appetite in the summer and summer can be replenished with lotus seeds.

The following introduces a few delicious classic replenishment methods of lotus seeds and eat Changxia’s damage.

There is a lotus seeds in the Qing Palace, which specializes in "qi deficiency" to enrich vitality.

Just after the summer of "fire", it is difficult for people with weakness and weakness to top it. There are always a kind of laziness that can’t help themselves.

There is a classic food therapy in "Selection of the Qing Palace Medical Case", which specializes in this kind of qi and weak emperors and concubines.

Friends with the following situations, please drink;

1. Lazy spleen deficiency;

2. Lazy qi.

3. Swineness and unwavering sleep; especially the stools are leaked, sweat cannot be collected, ca n’t eat meals, and they ca n’t sleep.

4. People with long -term illness.

For a long time, people who consume qi and blood, and those who have fallen stomach qi are not easy to transport soup medicine. They use this delicious food therapy to slowly enrich the stomach qi and enrich their vitality.


[Material] 20g of Codonopsis, 20-30g of white lotus seeds, moderate amount of rock sugar.(per person)

[Method] Put Codonopsis and lotus seeds in the stew pot, pour about three bowls of water.Stew for 1.5-2 hours, and put rock sugar in the last ten minutes.

The soup is clear, and it smells the fragrance of lotus seeds. The entrance is ginseng and clean sweetness, and can drink a few large bowls in one breath.

Participation choice:

Pinghe and no error choose Codonopsis; those who sweat more, ginseng supplement vitality; yin deficiency is replaced with western ginseng; children use princes; in summer, they are afraid of cold, and red ginseng.

Do not drink in constipation.Do not eat actual heat evidence, internal heat, fire, stagnation, anger and pregnancy.

The hard work of the hard work: eat lotus seeds

The initial method of lotus seeds is simply stewed with a little rock sugar and water to make a bowl of lotus seeds.After boiling the high heat, simmer slowly for 20 minutes, "Boil and cook" to the lotus seeds "cooked powder rotten, eat dregs".

Those who are easy to look at, people who think too much, and those who do not have the body need the lotus seeds to clear the heart and wake the spleen, let the spleen and stomach wake up, and clear the heart.

If it is a person with insufficient yin and blood, drinking a Tremella lotus soup before going to bed at night, you can converge the mind.

Lotus seeds are the fruit of the spleen, which is natural and friendly for oriental constitutions that are prone to spleen deficiency.

You can add a lotus seed in the porridge, and you can put some nutritional meals for children.Cook until the porridge is thick, the lotus seeds are soft, so as to nourish the heart and spleen, and condense the god.

If you hurt your mind and get angry at the same time, then the heart in the lotus seeds should not be removed.

Lotus seeds Qingxia Soup: Buxia Xu, enrich vitality

Summer’s continuous summer+wetness is not over yet, not only will it be trapped, but also the vitality of people.

If you don’t end it manually, it will make people become dry and yellow.

So Huahua said, let’s cook a pot of lotus seeds Qingxia soup -for the person who enters the summer, he is afraid of the hot and hot people.

There are moisturizing lilies, soothing lotus seeds, and peach gum of Tongjin fluid.

Lotus seeds and lilies are old partners who converge, which can help the body restore the pattern of Tianqing, Yin and Yang and harmony.

Lotus seed Qingxia soup method:

[Materials] 50g of lotus seeds, 15g of peach gum, 20g of lily dried, right amount of rock sugar.(1-2 people)


1. Soak the peach gum with clear water for about 8 hours in advance, about 8 hours;

2. Put the water into the pot, put the lotus seeds, dried lily, and soaked peach gum, stew for about 30 minutes, and finally add rock sugar to finally.

If you usually feel fatigue, it is difficult to concentrate at work, and things do not go smoothly like evil spirits.

This dessert that is not cold and not greasy is suitable for you.

Clear the heat of your heart and make your heart down.

※ Peach gum laxative, do not add peach gum when the exemption amount is large and diarrhea.

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