Thirty years ago, what happened to the first batch of "Shang Ring" in my country now?3 endings are waiting for them

Nowadays, if the husband and wife or couples do not want their children to plan, there are many contraceptive methods available, such as condoms, contraceptives, breeding rings, ligation, etc., but decades ago, contraception methods are rare.There are not many options. Therefore, after comparison, many couples often choose a contraceptive method with a high "cost -effective", that is, "Shang Ring".

Today, it has been more than thirty years since the first batch of women in my country, so what is the status quo of these women?

The first batch of women in my country is now facing 3 endings

1. Take out the birth ring in time and return to normal body

There is a certain period of use.Generally, the stainless steel metal ring can be placed for 15 to 20 years, while silicone, plastic or other types of birthplaces can be placed for 5 to 7 years, that is, it is best to take out the birth ring before "expiration", so that it is good for the body.

Among the first batch of women in the upper ring, many people choose to take out the birth ring in time.After leaving the body, the abdominal pain or low back pain caused by the upper ring have also been well eased.Today, this part of women have gradually returned to a normal and healthy state, congratulations.

2. Forgot to take the ring, but there is no adverse reaction for the time being

Of course, there are also some women have strong adaptability and tolerance to the birthplace.Even after the use period, adverse reactions will not be exposed immediately.

Some of the first batch of women in my country did not take out the birth ring after the deadline, but at present, everything is normal and there is no adverse reaction for the time being.However, it is still recommended that these women take out the birth ring in time.If there are side effects or sequelae in the future, it will be yourself.

3. Forgot to take out the birth ring, the side effects appear

There are also some women who have forgotten to take out the duration of the duration due to a long time.As a result, the body and uterus cannot bear it, and the birth ring is also adhered to the body tissue.

At this time, women will feel uncomfortable and may even get sick.Even if they want to remove the birth ring at this time, they will suffer "flesh and flesh" in the process.

The specific harm of the birthplace ‘‘overtime”

1. Lost "contraception effect"

The reason why women choose to go to the ring is nothing more than accidental pregnancy.However, if women go to the ring early, they may have to wait until the contraceptive ring is invalidated, and women have no menopause.In other words, in this case, women may still get pregnant unexpectedly.

2. Adhes to body tissue

Since the use period has been marked, it means that it must be removed after expiration, otherwise it will have a negative impact.One of the consequences of the non -timeout of the birth ring is that it will stick to women’s body tissues, and even ” long ” is on the body.

In this case, it is not only easy to cause more serious diseases, but it is also difficult to take ring.It is hoped that women can avoid this situation as much as possible.

The signal that should be "takes the ring"

1. Dialogue to use

As mentioned earlier, the use period of different types of birthplaces of birth is different. As long as women are removed, they can avoid adverse effects and side effects.

2. Enter the menstrual period

When women reach the "menopausal period", this means that the birth ring should be taken out.Due to the reason, there are two.

First of all, after menopause, this means that there is basically no fertility, that is, it is the same without the need for birth rings during this period.After all, the birth ring is "foreign objects". It is not part of women. Therefore, the sooner the sooner, the better.

Secondly, after women enter the "siege period", the ovarian function decreases and the uterus shrinks.Over time, women’s uterine opening will become tighter, and the uterine muscles will become thinner.In other words, if the breeding ring is not removed at this time, the birthplace may slowly embed the superficial muscle layer of the uterus.It will also cause other diseases.

3. I plan to have a second child

Today, the state advocates a second child.If Baoma has a plan to have a second child, she should take out the birth ring in advance and give a certain recovery period for the uterus.When recovery is almost the same, you can prepare for pregnancy.

The precautions after the female ” take the ring ”

1. Pay attention to observation

Women who have just taken out of the birth ring may feel mild lower abdomen discomfort, low back pain or a small amount of bleeding.This is normal, don’t worry.

However, if women find that they have too much bleeding or continue bleeding for more than half a month, they need to seek medical treatment and treatment in time and be responsible for their health.

2. Pay attention to cleaning

After removing the birth ring, women need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the body, especially the lower body is very necessary.For the sake of health, it is recommended that women do not use pots to wash their bodies with water.

3. Pay attention to rest

After taking the birth ring, the woman’s body is relatively weak.In order to restore the body as soon as possible, it is not recommended that women do physical labor for the time being, and do not recommend women to perform strong strength, which may cause physical pain to intensify and increase bleeding.It is recommended to rest in bed for one day, and then take a week to better recover.

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