Thirteen years ago, she drank her mother -in -law’s prescription, and "pregnant" was swept out by her husband for a year with a giant belly.

Author: Water Changliu Editor: Li Jin

Produced: Marriage and Family Magazine

"Oh my god, is this woman pregnant with 5 twins? Why is the belly so big!"

In October 2009, the streets of Zhanjiang.A wandering woman holding the wall with a hard work attracted the attention of passers -by.

She was pale, thin, but her belly was extremely strange, which was several times larger than the ordinary pregnant women.

This strange woman is named Peng Xiumei.

Three years ago, when her stomach was just bulging, the whole family held her in the palm of her palm and hoped that she had a big fat boy.

But just after a year, her husband turned his face and did not recognize others, sweeping her out, and the in -laws did not stop.

Why did Peng Ximei not produce after 3 years?After being abandoned by her husband, how is she now?


Marry the wrong Lang, fall into a desperate situation

In 2004, Peng Ximei in Fulianpo Village, Guanqiao Town, Guangdong, married a young man in the same village.

Since getting married, her mother -in -law is looking forward to holding big grandsons every day, but in the blink of an eye, more than two years have passed, and Peng Ximei has not been pregnant.

The anxious mother -in -law then asked for medical treatment, and often engaged in some strange remedies for Peng Ximei to drink.

Peng Ximei, who has a docile personality, also wants to have a child, so she drinks the medicine every time.

Soon, Peng Ximei found that her stomach was a little painful and swollen.

She told her mother -in -law that her mother -in -law patted her thigh excitedly, "I’m definitely pregnant!"

The whole family was excited, waiting for the child to fall to the ground.

However, Peng Ximei’s belly grows quickly. After three months, she was about the same as her stomach of seven or eight months of pregnancy.

What’s even more strange is that Peng Ximei’s physical condition is getting worse and worse, her face is pale, her breathing is difficult, and she even fainted many times.

In this regard, the in -laws and husbands did not take it seriously, and felt that Peng Ximei might be pregnant with a polyphony, so her belly was large, and her child absorbed nutrition and caused her to be weak.

But a year has passed, the child is still not born, and the husband finds that he is not right. Then he took Peng Ximei to the Zhanjiang Central People’s Hospital for inspection.

The doctor’s diagnosis made Peng Ximei like a lightning strike.

It turned out that Peng Ximei was not pregnant. She had ovarian cysts and effusion in her belly. She was likely to suffer from cancer. Even if he was treated, he would relapse after two or three years.

The children who are looking forward to have turned into a terrible mood.

When she got home, Peng Ximei wanted to discuss how to cure the disease with her husband, but the husband’s next words would completely push her into the abyss.

"If you don’t, you will leave, or you can live at home, but if I bring a woman back, you can’t care about me."

Hearing this, Peng Ximei couldn’t believe her ears.

This pillow who was in the same bed with himself was so ruthless that when she saw her ill, she immediately planned to find her home.

Peng Ximei was ashamed of her heart, and it was boring at home, so leave.

But her husband was not assured, and she took out the pen and paper and asked her to write a text, showing that she would break up voluntarily. No matter what happened in the future, she couldn’t come back to find him.

Peng Ximei was shivering and clenched his fist, "I will never leave you a word!"

Subsequently, the stubborn Peng Xiumei didn’t take a penny at home, and only took a few pieces of clothes to leave.

And the former mother -in -law watched the whole process, and did not say a word.

Although Peng Ximei, who was seriously involved in her husband, was seriously inferred and had no money to cure the disease.

She came to the bridge head, bowed her head and stared at the torrential river, and there was an impulse to jump down in her heart.

Suddenly, she noticed that there were many ants on the ground moving, and they worked hard to carry heavy things with small bodies and climbed step by step.

This scene is like a light in the dark world, which illuminates Peng Ximei’s dark heart.

"So small things are desperately wanting to live, why should I die? At that time, it is my family."

Peng Ximei gave up the idea of light life, but did not want to go home to drag her elderly parents, and wandered in Maoming, Hainan and other places.

While trying to ask for life, she was looking for opportunities for healing.

However, fate is too cruel.Before she saw the dawn of hope, her belly has been crazy, and the weight has exceeded the original weight.

At that time, Peng Ximei, because of her huge belly, caused breathing difficulties, dizzy, and she had to stand up to her stood. She desperately felt that she was much time.

In order to die, Peng Ximei returned to Zhanjiang City Center People’s Hospital.

She has only one simple wish. If one day goes to herself, the hospital can at least send her to thermalization, so as not to expose the streets of the corpse.

Although she was in the evening, Peng Ximei still didn’t want to bother others, but she lived in the hospital corridor. No matter how uncomfortable, she did not ask the doctor to help him see a doctor.

Seeing her is so pitiful, many kind people reached out to her.

The patient gave her clothes, swept the floor aunt to help her meals every day, and the intern nurse carefully helped her go to the toilet.

These good deeds, warming Peng Ximei’s heart, made her finally support the moment of reversing fate.


When you meet your noble, you will get new life

One day, Xu Kecheng, the dean of the Guangzhou Fusa Cancer Hospital, came here to see a free clinic, and at a glance, he saw Peng Ximei, who had a beautiful facial features and a huge belly in the corridor.

Dean Xu Kecheng

Dean Xu judged with years of experience that many organs of Peng Ximei have been squeezed and deformed by the big belly, and it is difficult to imagine how she lives to the present.

After learning that Peng Ximei’s encounter, Dean Xu sighed and immediately decided to treat her for free.

After hearing this good news, Peng Ximei was incredible. After repeated confirmation, she cried very much, and finally re -ignited her hope.

On December 23, 2009, Peng Ximei was sent from Zhanjiang to Guangzhou by the ambulance.

At this time, her weight had reached 110 kilograms, and it was horrible that the light belly weighed 60 kg.

Peng Ximei’s belly was very thin, her skin was tight, and the veins under the abdominal wall were clearly visible.

Due to the upward compression of the heart and lungs in the stomach, Peng Ximei’s blood pressure increased, heartbeat 140 times/minute, and breathing 50-60 times/minute. She was diagnosed with type II of respiratory failure, which means that there was only a breath left.

Without treatment, Peng Ximei will die.

The doctor hurriedly gave B -ultrasound for Peng Ximei, but when he looked at the results of the inspection, everyone was stupid.

The B -ultrasound shows that Peng Ximei’s belly is full of liquid, and organs such as uterus, ovaries, and liver cannot be seen at all.

It turned out that the penetration ability of the B -ultrasound was only six or seven centimeters, but Peng Xi’s belly was as thick as fifty or sixty centimeters. Therefore, the B -ultrasound could not see the situation in the stomach.

The doctor also considered making CT for Peng Ximei, but her belly was too big, far exceeding the size of the CT machine design, and could not get in at all.

Treatment is more difficult than expected.The doctor decided to release the liquid in her belly first, and then explore the specific situation of the tumor.

On the premise of ensuring Peng Ximei’s safety, the doctor released 5,000 ml liquid to her belly every day, and a total of 50,000 ml liquid was released in 10 days, which was equivalent to 100 bottles of beer.

The true face of the tumor was finally exposed.

It sided across Peng Ximei’s abdominal cavity, pushed the intestines under the ribs, and even pushed some intestinal tract across the rib septum.

Tumor resection must be performed immediately, and Peng Ximei has a line of vitality.

But this operation is related to life, and family members can sign the hospital.

The kind people rushed to Peng Ximei’s hometown, and found Peng Ximei’s elder brother and the parents of the candle disability in the most dilapidated house in the village.

In fact, they have always remembered Peng Ximei, but Peng Ximei has no news for two years, and they can’t find them at all.

Now, I heard that Peng Ximei is being treated for free. It is expected to recover. The whole family is very happy.

Peng Ximei’s elder brother immediately rushed to Guangzhou. After seeing Peng Ximei, who was dying in the bed, she cried with her sister in distress.

After seeing the family who thought about it, Peng Ximei’s spirit was vibrating.

She is even more longing for being able to live well, but she also knows that she may not be able to get off the operating table.

At the moment of life and death, she completely let go of her heart. She went to the wind with the past, and no longer hated the ex -husband who had abandoned her ruthlessly, because hating someone was too tired.

She was only grateful in her heart, and comforted the doctor not to be nervous. "It doesn’t matter if the operation fails. I donate the remains to the hospital for research."

At 8 o’clock on January 15, 2010, Peng Ximei was sent to the operating room.

Everyone who cares about Peng Ximei is nervously waiting outside the operating room to pray silently for her.

Fortunately, the surgery was very successful, which made Peng Ximei’s tortured tumors being removed smoothly.

When the doctor woke up Peng Ximei, she slowly opened her eyes and took a deep breath.

For more than three years, she was breathing freely without oppression. For the first time, she did not have to worry about killing Huang Quan at any time. For the first time, she really felt the joy of rebirth.

This is the miracle of love.Create a miracle, not only Peng Ximei, who has been struggling to survive, but also the doctors who rescue her, as well as helping her.

No matter how desperate life, it will also usher in redemption because of love.


Find a good person, fortunately complete

In the Spring Festival in 2010, Peng Ximei returned to her long -standing hometown and lived a reunion year with her parents.

After half a year of follow -up treatment, Peng Ximei completely regained his health and returned to his normal life.

After discharge, in order to repay the help of Dean Xu Kecheng and the hospital, Peng Ximei was determined to stay at the Guangzhou Fuma Cancer Hospital for volunteers for life.

In the middle is Peng Xiumei

"I love my new life. I want to love everyone like someone who loves me."

The volunteer did not have any income, but Peng Ximei was still full of enthusiastically to take care of the patient, and used his experience to enlighten the patients and encouraged them to live strongly.

The patients like her very much, calling her the "Sister Knowing" on the front line of anti -cancer.

Peng Ximei thought that she would spend the other way for the rest of her life. Unexpectedly, God quietly helped her hold a red line.

The man who made her heart was a family member of a cancer patient.Once, his wife was unfortunately suffering from bone cancer, and even if he tried to save treatment, he could not save his wife’s life.

Peng Ximei admires his friendship with his wife, and the other party also appreciates the kindness of Peng Ximei to join the public welfare.

In addition, both of them have experienced anti -cancer roads to taste the suffering of the world, so they cherish each other.

But many people persuade Peng Ximei to think twice because the other party has 3 children.

The stepmother is difficult to be, not to mention the stepmother of the three children, it is even more difficult.

However, Peng Ximei didn’t care.Although the child is not born, she feels that as long as she reports it, the other party will really treat her.

In 2013, Peng Ximei married happily.This time, she chose the right person. Her husband knew and became hot, and the three children were very good to her. She finally had a happy and happy family.

While working hard and taking care of the family, Peng Ximei also loves herself even more.

She divided time and energy into 10 copies, of which 3 were returned to society and operating families, and one of her parents and children accounted for one.

She will take care of her body carefully, not to be angry with herself, nor can she not be with herself.

She also changed her face to the sky, cut a stylish short hair, painted beautiful lipsticks, and went out to see her friends.

As transparent as her, understanding the greatest happiness of life is to love herself.

With a good mentality, coupled with active exercise and serious physical examination, Peng Ximei’s body has always been healthy, and in 2016, he also gloriously became a Communist member.

The girl who was thin and haggard became rich, and her face was filled with a smile, passing love and hope to everyone.

Every time I think of that time with a giant belly, Peng Ximei feels like a dream.

Although she had been tortured by illness, was destroyed by wind and frost, and was injured all over the body, she never gave up and was eventually redeemed by the love of the world.

Today, she has always kept her promise 13 years ago, with her gratitude and kindness, and divides her light and heat to others.

Bing Xin once said: "Love in the world is a belief, and the people in the sea are good."

I wish Peng Ximei who loved great love, peace and joy, and the rest of her life was full.

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