These weeks are the high incidence of "fetal malformations". After surviving this dangerous period, pregnant mothers have a lot of peace of mind

Every time I go to pregnancy, I feel uneasy when I go to the birth check. I am afraid that the test results will be.When is the high incidence of "fetal deformity"?

Each organ in human embryonic development is sensitive to teratogenic terators

It can be seen from the "embryo’s organs to the sensitive period of teratogenic factor" that red represents "extremely sensitive to the teratogenic factor" and blue represents "reaction to the teratogenic factor, but the sensitivity decreases".The red part is mainly concentrated in the 3-10 weeks in the figure (that is, 5-12 weeks of the last menstruation). This period of time belongs to the organ formation period, and it is also a teratogenic sensitive period.1-4 weeks of pregnancy (1-2 weeks in the figure): Sperm and eggs form fertilized eggs, and they start to bed and divide to form embryos. At this stage, there is no response to the teratogenic factor.5 weeks of pregnancy (3 weeks in the figure): Inner, middle, and external embryos are formed. At this stage, the central nervous system and heart are prone to deformity.6-7 weeks of pregnancy (4-5 weeks in the figure): At this time, the heart, eyes, and limbs are prone to deformity.8-10 weeks of pregnancy (6-8 weeks in the figure): At this time, 90%of the fetus organs have been established, and there are "human-like". At this time, the organs that are easily affected are ears, teeth, palate, eyes, external genitals, and external genitals, and external genitals, and external genitals and external genitals.Limbs.11-12 weeks of pregnancy (9-10 weeks in the picture): At this time, the development of the fetal organs has taken shape, and what is easily affected is the ears, teeth, palate and external genitalia.

In 12-40 weeks of pregnancy, embryo enters the fetal stage, organic tissue development and molding, and the sensitivity to teratogenic substances decreases, which will be relatively safer.In the first three months of pregnancy, the embryo developed rapidly, and a little stimulation in the outside world could make it differentiated.Therefore, the first three months of pregnancy is also a high incidence of abortion.

The fetus has deformity, and it has a certain relationship with the contact with the pregnant mother’s contact with harmful substances, a lack of substances in the body, and medication.

1. Far away from harmful substances

In the early stages of pregnancy, the environment of pregnant mothers is very important.Some pregnant mothers also insist on work after pregnancy. If the environment is safe and the workload is not large, it is good for pregnant mothers to relax and exercise appropriately. It is good for pregnant mothers.However, if the workplace belongs to the radiation area, such as X -rays, heavy metals, etc., or a heavy pollution and high noise environment, it is better to transfer the post to the post.

2. Supplement folic acid on time

Folic acid can prevent fetal nerve tube deformities.In the first three months of preparing for the baby, it is recommended to start supplementing folic acid and eat it until three months after pregnancy.Being replenishment before pregnancy can ensure that the mother in the mother is kept at a relatively stable level during conception.

3. Careful medication in accordance with the doctor’s advice

Many drugs should be disabled or used with caution after pregnancy. You must go to the hospital to take medicine according to your doctor’s advice to avoid taking the medicine by yourself.Usually pay attention to keeping warm, drinking more hot water, and going to public places with large flow of people to avoid colds.If you have a slight cold, you can drink plenty of water and use some dietary methods to replace the drug."Salt Steamed Orange" cure cough: Cut the oranges, sprinkle a layer of salt, poke with chopsticks a few times to penetrate, put it in a small bowl, keep it standing, steam for 10-15 minutes (start from the water from the water),Take it out and eat meat and drink juice.

"Xiaolang Water" improves runny nose, sneezing, and nasal congestion: Use 5-6 green onions to remove green leaves, leave only white roots and roots, add rock sugar, add about 500 ml of water, cook for 20 minutes, and finally have a contract left.200 ml of water, drink it directly, 2 times a day, basically valid within 3 days.

4. Do a good job of production on time

Once -on -time check -up helps to discover the fetus in time, especially these several abnormal examinations.11-13 weeks of pregnancy: NT examination, through the thickness of the transparent layer of the fetal neck, is an early screening of the Tang syndrome.

16-18 weeks of pregnancy: Tang’s screening, the mid-term screening of 21 trio is generally done by pregnant mothers under the age of 35. If it is a high risk, you can do non-invasive and amniotic fluid puncture.If the pregnant mother is over 35 years old, the hospital will make non -invasive examinations directly.20-28 weeks of pregnancy: Big rows of abnormal examinations, check whether the fetus has developmental malformations through three-dimensional or four-dimensional ultrasound. Some hospitals do it once, some do it twice, for large rows and small rows.

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