These two women have low progesterone after pregnancy. If you want to have a healthy baby, don’t care if you don’t care

After Mengmeng and her husband were happy, I soon started to "make a plan", but I did not know why. The planning plan has not been smooth. It has been prepared for 6 months to finally have a "two bars". However,Before Mengmeng had time to be happy, he was informed by the doctor that the progesterone of the mother’s body was too low, and it was likely that the baby would not be able to keep it.Mengmeng was under great psychological pressure for this. Although she started to replenish progesterone immediately, embryo stopping the phenomenon of embryo occurred one week later.For this reason, I have n’t slowed over for a month, and I washed my face with tears all day.

When I was in an internship in the hospital, I also found that I did n’t know when it started. The phenomenon of low progesterone in pregnant mothers was increasing, and the miscarriage or embryo was increased due to low progesterone or embryo.So let’s talk about progesterone today today.

What is progesterone?

Peridone is also known as progesterone. It is a natural progesterone secreted by luteal inside the ovaries. It is a very important progesterone in the early pregnancy. If the mother is insufficient in the early stage, it is likely to cause a threatened abortionEssence

The main role of progesterone in the early pregnancy is: 1. Reduce the excitement of the uterus during pregnancy and facilitate the safety implantation of fertilized eggs.2. Under the common role of estrogen, promote the development of body breasts.3. Promote the closure of cervix mouth, inhibit the ovulation phenomenon inside the body, and promote the preparation of the pregnant mother’s body to prepare for the next pregnancy.

Which women are prone to low progesterone?

1. Women with ovulation bleeding period

Everyone knows that the ovulation period is generally the period when two menstruation comes in the middle of the tide.Normal women do not have any phenomenon between two menstruation, but women with low progesterone will have a small amount of bleeding between two menstruation.The same, and it is accompanied by pain.

2. Menstrual disorders

If there is a problem with the luteal in women’s body, it cannot directly provide sufficient luteum to promote the changes in the endometrium, then the situation of women’s menstrual disorders will be serious.At this time, the main symptoms of women are: the menstrual cycle becomes shorter, but the appearance of menstruation will be more frequent.That is, women’s menstrual time will become shorter, but the number of menstruation will become more, which will generally be accompanied by abdominal pain.

If women have the above two situations, then it is recommended to take gynecological examinations and treatment before preparing for pregnancy, so as not to cause abortion due to low progesterone after pregnancy. This is a relatively large trauma for women’s physiology and psychology., So women must not take their own irregular menstruation.

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