These three taboos during pregnancy are rumors. Pregnant mothers need not be too nervous.

After pregnancy, for pregnant mothers, everything needs to pay special attention, especially in diet and sleep, pregnant mothers dare not neglect because of the influence of the fetus. Some pregnant mothers are afraid of affecting the development of the baby or even work.For a long time, I sit at home every day, that is, I am afraid of hurting the baby, and even my heart to go downstairs.Since she is pregnant, she has paid special attention to her personal habits since she was pregnant, and she watched some related knowledge about pregnancy every day. When I was chatting with people in the community two days ago, I heard them say that they said they said.During pregnancy, you cannot eat spicy during pregnancy, otherwise it will cause the baby to get angry, which is not conducive to the intellectual development of the baby. This can scare Lily.People, how can it be possible to eat chili, this time, for the development of the baby, these months can no longer eat spicy.Is this really the case? Are there so many taboos that need to be paid attention to during pregnancy?And there are a lot of rumors during pregnancy we often hear. Let’s take a look at these rumors of these non -self -breaking pregnancy?

1. Can’t eat chili after pregnancy?

I really ca n’t eat peppers after pregnancy. Is n’t there a good sour girl? Why ca n’t you eat pepper after pregnancy? Many people say that if you often eat chili during pregnancy, you will not only cause your own discomfort.As a result, constipation, it will affect the development of the fetus, but in fact, this is just a rumor. Pregnancy does not mean that you can’t eat pepper, you can just eat less.Some pregnant mothers with particularly serious pregnancy reactions have no stomach. When they want to eat spicy food, they can also eat some amount. As long as they are not often, there is no problem as long as the amount is not available.

2. Keep your left sleeping posture during pregnancy?

We often hear that after pregnant mothers are pregnant, we must take the sleeping position on the left side, because this is not only conducive to the development of the baby, but also makes the baby baby more comfortable, but is this really the case?In fact, there is no problem with the posture of sleeping on the left side of the pregnancy. However, if the pregnant mother starts to maintain this posture from the early pregnancy, it will not be able to do it, and it will be very hard to maintain a sleeping position for a long time, soIn this sentence, as long as the pregnant mother understands it as a sleeping position on the left side in the middle of pregnancy, in the early pregnancy, I sleep if I want to sleep. I don’t need to taboo so much, because in the early pregnancyIn the pelvic cavity of the pregnant mother, the pressure of the outside world does not affect him, so the pregnant mother only needs to remember the sleeping position on the left side as much as possible in the middle and late pregnancy.

3. Can’t eat durian during pregnancy?

Dietary during pregnancy is particularly particular about diet. Some people often say that the pregnant mother cannot eat that or that, or it will affect the development of the fetus. For the fruits such as durianIt will cause production difficulties, but this is not the case, just because some pregnant mothers durian eats too much, causing excess nutrition and a huge child.There is a degree of everything.

In fact, for these rumors during pregnancy, pregnant mothers do not have to believe it. If you encounter uncertainty, you can eat or do after consulting the doctor, and master the degree of pregnancy.Finally, I wish every pregnant mother who can give birth to a little angel safely and healthy.What rumors have you heard during pregnancy?

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