These three symptoms in the middle of pregnancy indicate that the fetus is developing well. If all of them, then congratulations

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers are most worried about the health of the fetus.In addition to the product can understand the development of the fetus, pregnant mothers can also determine whether the fetus is healthy through some performance of the body. In the middle of pregnancy, if these three symptoms indicate that he develops well, if the whole is in the whole, then then, then it will be in the whole.congratulation.

These three symptoms in the middle of pregnancy indicate that the fetus is developing well. If all of them, then congratulations

1. "Strong and powerful" fetal movement

There will be fetal movements in the fourth month of pregnancy. If you feel carefully, you can find it.The changes in the number of fetal movements reflect the state of the fetus in the uterus. If he has hypoxia, the fetal movement will become very weak, so the strong and powerful fetal movement reflects that the fetus is healthy.In the second trimester, pregnant mothers need to move several fetal movements a day, which is the most intuitive way to understand the health of the fetus.

2. "Can eat and drink" appetite good

In the second trimester, the appetite of the pregnant mother began to get better, and the fetus had several millimeters of fertilized eggs grew to six or seven pounds.The fetus must absorb a lot of nutrition. These nutrients come from pregnant mothers. Ask the mother if they can eat and have a good appetite. This is a good phenomenon that the fetus is healthy, so you should immediately be balanced.Blasting, vegetarian matching.

3. "Drustering" is particularly dozen

In the middle of pregnancy, because of the changes in hormones in the pregnant mother, coupled with the larger stomach day, the body becomes bulky, and she will be more and more sleepy.This is a good manifestation of fetal development.The more comfortable you sleep at this time, the better the sun develops. Don’t force yourself to be awake or forced yourself to work.

3 precautions in the second trimester

1. completely quit bad habits

By the end of pregnancy, the fetus is most afraid of smoking, drinking and staying up late. As an adult, when you want to do these things, you must first think about the fetus in the stomach.

2. Do not wear tight clothes

In the middle of pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s belly becomes larger and the weight is also very important. If wearing tight clothes, it will have obvious compression of the abdomen, affect the blood circulation, and indirectly affect the health of the fetus, so it is best to wear loose clothes.

3. Avoid husbands and wives in the same room

Although many experts on the Internet say that the couple in the middle of pregnancy has no effect on the fetus and even benefits, but the same room should be avoided during pregnancy, because if you don’t pay attention, it may lead to the possibility of miscarriage.

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