These three small movements during pregnancy may make the fetus "breathless", see if you have

According to experts: The incidence of umbilical cord around the neck is as high as 20% -25%, and many newborns will have the phenomenon of umbilical cord around the neck for 1-2 weeks at birth.

Pregnancy is really a very hard thing. Many expectant mothers are very worried during the process of pregnancy, because they are afraid of their children’s accidents, especially "umbilical cord around the neck"., Even experienced.

Recently, Gao Tingting’s sister was worried about this. When she just knew that she was very happy when she was pregnant, but the neighbor’s sister -in -law told her to be careful, the probability of the fetal umbilical cord around the neck was very high, although some fetuses were compared to compare with comparisonLoos, generally there is no major impact, but there are also some fetal umbilical cords very serious, causing the fetal hypoxia to "breathe", and even the danger of suffocation.

First, the cause of the "umbilical cord around the neck":

1. Frequent stroke of the stomach

Many expectant mothers like to touch their stomachs very much during pregnancy, but in fact, this is a very bad habit, because if they touch their stomachs for a long time, they may directly stimulate the fetus.

Especially when the frequency of touching the belly is very high and the intensity is relatively large, the fetus will become extremely excited and active as the pregnant woman’s touch becomes very excited and active, and it is likely to wrap themselves into the umbilical cord.

2. The amount of exercise is too intense

Although it is said that pregnant women can exercise during pregnancy, they are mainly relieved.

Too severe exercises will make the pregnant mother’s body temperature higher, and the blood flow of the mother’s supply of the fetus may cause the fetus to be short -term hypoxia and stimulate the fetal movement. If the fetal movement is particularly severe, the fetus may be rowed into the umbilical cord.

3. Habits stay up late

Staying up late is a very bad thing, especially for pregnant women. They are in a special stage during pregnancy. If they are habitually staying up late, they will not only reduce sleep quality, cause endocrine disorders, but also cause pregnant womenI am irritable and memory loss.

Once the pregnant mother is anxious, it will inevitably affect the fetus, and it will also make the fetus irritable and increase the fetal movement. At this time, it will not only increase the chance of the fetal umbilical cord around the neck, but also cause the fetus slowly, affect the fetal intelligence, and affect the fetal intelligence.development.

2. What should pregnant mothers do during pregnancy?

1. Touching your stomach during pregnancy must not be too frequent and too hard

This is not to say that you can’t touch your stomach during pregnancy, but to tell the expectant mothers that you must master the frequency and strength, and you must not touch too frequently and too hard.

Pregnant mothers can adopt the method of "touching back and forth" to touch from top to bottom from top to bottom from left to right, but pay attention to time.

2. The amount of exercise should be moderate

Doing a certain exercise during pregnancy can not only enhance the physique of pregnant mothers, but also have good benefits for later delivery, but if the strength is too strong and the movements are too intense, it will also affect the fetusExercise is the best.

3. Adjust your mentality

It is normal to occur during pregnancy, so there is no need to worry too much about pregnant mothers. As long as you pay more attention, the baby will definitely be born healthy on time.

The above three behaviors are very common during pregnancy, so pregnant mothers must be cautious!

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