These three performances during pregnancy are the signals of the healthy development of the baby baby, but many pregnant mothers have misunderstood

After a woman is pregnant, she will worry about whether the fetus in the abdomen will develop healthy, and she will have such a mood throughout pregnancy.

Although three months before pregnancy, fetal development is unstable, and it is a high incidence of abortion and fetal malformations.But the baby is not as fragile as everyone thinks. Most of the babies born in the hospital are still very healthy.

And during pregnancy, when some pregnant women have a physical discomfort, they will worry about the baby’s development abnormal.In fact, these three performances during pregnancy are signals for the healthy development of baby baby, but many pregnant mothers have misunderstood

During pregnancy, if the pregnant mother appears these three feelings, it is actually the fetus reporting to you safely.

Pregnancy vomiting: When pregnant for one month of pregnancy, most pregnant women will have a pregnancy reaction. However, due to different personal constitution, some pregnant women’s pregnancy reactions are very severe. Some pregnant women are just like people, but occasionally a little nausea.

And pregnant women who are strenuous in pregnancy will affect the intake of nutrients and worry that it will not be conducive to the baby’s development.In fact, there is very little nutrition for fetal development in the early pregnancy. Because some energy in the body itself has been stored, it is enough for the fetus to need, so don’t worry too much.

In fact, pregnancy vomiting is a normal physiological phenomenon, and the pregnancy response can also effectively protect the baby and avoid being harmed by some harmful substances. Therefore, mothers with a pregnancy reaction should be even more happy.

Chest pain and tingling: In the early stages of pregnancy, many pregnant women will have chest pain and tingling. Many pregnant women are worried about whether the breasts have a disease in the chest, and whether they suffer from breast hyperplasia and breast cancer.

In fact, chest pain is a normal physiological phenomenon during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers do not have to worry about appearing. Generally, after the early pregnancy, the hormone secretion in the body gradually becomes stable, and chest pain will be relieved.

However, due to the different personal constitution, some pregnant women’s breast tenderness problems may continue during pregnancy, and it is also normal.

During pregnancy, frequent urination, and even leaking urine: This situation mainly occurs in the early and third trimester of pregnancy. Slowing down is actually the result of being affected by hormones in the body.When you are, the symptoms of frequent urination will stimulate pregnant women.

By the time of the third trimester, because the fetus develops faster and faster, it will easily compress the bladder in the lower abdomen, which will make the bladder space smaller, which will easily cause the pregnant woman to urinate frequently and even the problem of leakage.It directly reflects the healthy development of the fetus in the abdomen.

During pregnancy, do you have the above three situations?In this regard, if you have other questions or supplements, you can leave a message in the comment area below. You can also pay attention to the editor and share some parenting knowledge every day.

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