These three kinds of food are called natural "abortion". The pregnant mother likes it again, and it is necessary to eat less for the fetus.

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For each woman, after pregnancy, it is bound to carefully care for the fetus to protect the smooth delivery of the fetus.Mouth, especially in daily diet, people take food as a day. Three meals a day must be scientific and reasonable. They cannot have some unhealthy influence on the fetus because of their greed.

So, during the diet of October pregnancy, is there any food that pregnant mothers must eat less?Let ’s introduce to you three kinds of food called natural“ abortion ”. Even if the pregnant mother likes it, eat less for the fetus. Let’ s take a look.

One, fungus

As a common home -cooked dish, fungus fried meat is loved by many friends, and the nutritional value of fungus is relatively high. It contains more than 6 times the content of milk. In addition, it is rich in vitamins.A good health food can improve people’s immunity.

However, fungus has a great anticoagulation effect, which can affect the blood circulation in pregnant women and have a cooling effect on blood. For pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy, this time is the critical period of embryo implantation. The fetus is stillIt is not stable enough, so if you eat too much fungus, it is easy to cause blood imbalance, so it is best not to eat as little as possible, don’t be greedy.

Two, leek

The dumplings of leek stuffing, or leeks are one of the more foods that are more likely in home. It also contains rich nutritional elements, but for pregnant women, it is not advisable to eat more.Absorption can also stimulate the intestinal wall and cause diarrhea. For pregnant women with strong pregnancy reactions in the early pregnancy, it is a natural "abortion medicine", which can easily cause the body’s imbalance.Essence

Third, the potatoes of the bud

Many young people now like to eat potato shreds. They taste delicious, but germinated potatoes, pregnant mothers, do not eat, because when potatoes are sprouting, a toxic substance will be produced.If this substance is eaten too much, it can easily lead to fetal malformations or affect the development of the fetus. Therefore, there are potatoes with buds in the home and should be thrown away in time to avoid pregnant mothers to eat this unhealthy food.

In October, pregnant mothers are happy and stressful for every pregnant mother. Here, I also remind you that pregnant mothers can adjust their mentality, pay attention to the scientific diet and schedule, and maintain a positive and optimistic emotion.It can greatly reduce the impact of some adverse factors during pregnancy and successfully give birth to a baby.

I am Yiyi, a senior childcare teacher, and a mother of two babies. If you have any problems, you can discuss with me at any time. I also hope that I can help everyone solve the troubles and confusion in the parenting process!

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