These three behaviors of a kind woman will make her husband become a giant baby unknowingly.

What is a giant baby husband at home?

The netizens who know the heart said the voice:

I need to call him up in the morning, and you need to drink water after getting up;

When you go out, you need to remind him to bring your wallet, mobile phone, key, and go swimming to clean up the swimming trunks, hats and glasses;

Sit in front of the dining table while eating.

When he takes a bath, he needs to hand him a bath towel, and he needs to help him dry the bath towel to the balcony after bathing;

I have never taken the baby independently for more than half a day, and marrying such a husband is equivalent to raising a child who has never grown up.

This child not only needs to take care of it at all times, but also can’t control his emotions, so that his family is worried about him everywhere.

In the new era of the 21st century, such giant infant husbands not only really exist, but also not in the minority.

Since Tian Tian got married, he rarely went out to go shopping with his sisters to drink afternoon tea.

I didn’t want to go, but because every time the sisters asked her, the "great god" at home was unwilling, fearing that she had no food, and starved to death at home.

The sisters are joking, the newlywed couple is sweet, and if you click takeaway, you can do it.

Tian Tian smiled: "The mouth of our family is picky, and he is not used to eating for takeaway."

The next time the sisters asked Tian Tian again, Tian Tian at the other side of the phone was hurried to help her husband clean up the luggage.

Her husband was ready to travel because he didn’t know how to wash socks, so Tian Tian followed.

The good times didn’t last long, Tian Tian was pregnant, which was originally a happy thing, but Tanian couldn’t be happy.

In the first few months, Tian Tian was pregnant with madness, and the pregnancy reaction was strong. Not to mention the big fish and meat, and sometimes I couldn’t even drink porridge.

I wanted to let my husband come back from get off work, but after the husband finished eating, he turned his head to forget the matter.

What can Tian Tian can do it?

During the pregnancy examination, Tanian watched other pregnant women with her husband with her. Which department should I go to and where to pay, I do n’t have to worry about pregnant women.

Tian Tian’s nose was sour and sent a message to her husband. Her husband quickly replied: "Isn’t it a pregnancy test? What kind of energy, I finished cooking early, I am hungry."

Although I am pregnant, although it is Tian Tian, the person who has been taken care of is still her husband.

At that time, Tian Tian was more than a month of due date. The stomach was large and it was difficult to walk.

Husband came back after playing the game. It was already 1 o’clock in the middle of the night. He ignored Tian Tian and woke her to wake her up and let Tian Tian give him supper.

Tian Tian was so sleepy that her husband was cooked by himself. As soon as the husband heard the fire, he scolded a few words, and he fell out.

There are many similar things. Every time Tian Tian was sad, her mother -in -law comforted her as soon as she got married. Before she changed it, he matured when the child was born.

Tian Tian nodded and ushered in the birth of the child with this mood.

When the doctor gave the child to her husband, her husband just glanced at it, and said impatiently that his grandma was impatient, and he was going to play the game herself.

In most cases, Tian Tian will feed, change diapers, coax children, and can’t even take a bite.

Watching the pregnant woman in the next bed, some people feed, some brought their baby, some were holding the toilet, and her husband couldn’t even see his personal shadow.

Occasionally, I saw that I had abandoned Tian Tian without makeup, saying that she looked old and fat.

Tian Tian sighed heavily, admiring others and sadness for his own encounters.

Tian Tian worked while working, and heard that she divorced it later, the reason was unknown.

What did this marriage give? Except for the sad memories in my mind, except for scarred scars, I didn’t seem to get anything.

Some girls say, why did I encounter such a giant baby husband?

Why was he quite normal when he first started to fall in love, but when he was in his marriage, he became more and more degraded. Finally, he was like a small baby?

Giant baby husband, as the name suggests, adult body, child -like mind, general ability, and strong temper.

Relying on a baby -like mentality, the "giant baby" man does not fulfill his responsibility and responsibility as an adult, and presses all the burden of life on his wife.

The root cause of the giant baby husband has the following two:


The influence of native families

For example, since childhood, because of his parents’ love for him, everything in life in life.

As a result, he based on self -centered, no life experience, and developed his "good" habit of reaching out and opening his mouth.

In addition to the influence of the native family on him, the other is the wrong behavior of a woman in daily life, resulting in more and more degeneration of men, and finally becoming a giant baby.

1. Girl’s excessive effort

I like someone, I can’t wait to give him the best things in the world.

As everyone knows, the more you pay, the more you push this relationship to the distance.

I ca n’t help buying gifts, get up early every day to make breakfast, actively collect the dirty clothes of boys everywhere, and wash and dry a one -stop service.

Although he was affected, he had no complaints.

At first, boys may be moved, but after a long time, boys are accustomed to it, and it is not surprising.

If you don’t do these things one day, the boys will be angry, and these additional efforts will become what girls should do.

This is why neighbors Zhang often complained that her husband was shaking his hand shopkeeper.

When Sister Zhang and her husband married Uncle Zhao, Uncle Zhao was willing to enter the kitchen to help Zhang Sister wash vegetables and cut vegetables.

Sister Zhao took care of Uncle Zhao and was very tired as soon as she got off work, so she drove Uncle Zhao out of the kitchen.

Uncle Zhao was just at first. After a long time, Uncle Zhao was happy, and he didn’t even remember the position of the kitchen.

2. Undergraduate men’s ability to do things

There are such humor on the Internet that girls and boys are married. Girls are called brides. Why is it called a bride?

In the minds of many girls, their husbands can’t do anything well, and they can’t satisfy themselves.

In this case, it is better to handle things perfectly.

Tian Tian also made the same mistake. She thought that her husband could not get used to takeaway, so even if she pushed away with her sisters, she had to cook him in person.

Tian Tian believes that her husband will not wash socks, so even with a business trip, he has to follow her husband.

This is already a small ceiling, but is the husband’s appreciation?

No, even the most basic pregnancy period, the confinement period, did not fulfill the responsibility of a husband, a father, not to mention it.

If you do n’t cook, do n’t you care and do n’t take care of people, do n’t Tian Tian ’s husband still have to rely on herself.

3. Flexible without bottom line

In the TV series "Thirty End", Gu Jia is such an image of a wife’s wife.

In order to allow his son to enter a better kindergarten, Gu Jia put down his self -esteem to shoot the horses of the rich.

Husband Xu Miushan’s business collapsed, and her mood was unhappy.

Gu Jia encouraged her husband while encouraging her husband.

Gu Jia was busy for a day and found that his son did not pick up at night. The son was aggrieved because of the grievances in his classmates. Gu Jia was still a weak woman.

His wife is supported by his career, and the child has a wife. No matter what misfortune, his wife is pursuing.

Gu Jia was a cattle for this family, and there was no detail and complaints without complaints.

However, the excessive indulgence of her husband has made her husband a "giant baby".


The practice of a woman who knows how to run feelings

1. Common burden

In ancient times, you woven the cloth to me to cultivate the field. Today, there are male leads and female leads, or the female lead.

These words show that one of the truth is that everything in the marriage is shared together, not one of them must bear and pay everything.

Well -known psychologist Wu Zhihong said in the book "Going out of Personality Trap":

There will be returns to pay, and it is basically not established in love.

Tian Tian should not be able to take all the things of her husband from the beginning, and even sacrifice the time of her husband and friends to meet.

Maybe Tian Tian did this to make her husband love himself more, but doing so will only make her husband more and less considerate of Tian Tian, let alone love.

2. Praise

Praise is the motivation for men to act immediately.

The praise of his wife can make men have a great sense of satisfaction, and also allow men to trust their wives and be willing to obey instructions.

When the wife wants her husband to do housework, or let her husband take care of herself, and the husband is unwilling to do it, then use the criterion of praise.

"Husband, the glass you wipe is much cleaner than me, and catch up with the mirror."

"Husband, fortunately you have to share this together, I am much easier."

"Fortunately, my husband has you to take care of me and buy me medicine, otherwise I really don’t know what to do.

As soon as the man praised himself, his heart was happy.

Don’t talk about housework, let them have an extreme performance on the spot.

After the precipitation of time, after the practice, the giant baby husband will gradually become considerate husband.

3. Show weak in time

Show weakness, not timid, nor really weak.

Instead, it shows the soft side of the girl and let the man feel pity.

Knowing the weak wife can make boys’ sense of responsibility in their hearts, and then protect their wives.

Not only will you think that you will live a better life for your wife and children, but you will also be more considerate of his wife’s hard work.

If you want to change the giant baby husband, you must get the behavior mode that changes himself.

Don’t pay too much, don’t do everything yourself. Marriage is a harbor that two people constructed together.


Author | Liu Wan loves text, likes psychology, pays attention to personal spiritual growth. At present, he is engaged in educational work. He devotes himself to studying both sexual relationships and women’s self -improvement. He hopes to make everyone feel new feelings and gains about feelings through text.

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