These symptoms turned out to be zinc deficiency. Do n’t care about pregnant mothers, which will affect the baby’s development.

After pregnancy, mothers’ bodies are very different from before. Not only are the external changes in the skin color of the body, the most important thing is that the body needs to supplement a variety of nutrients and trace elements to maintain balance.Ignoring is the supplement to zinc. In fact, if the lack of zinc in the body, it will cause a lot of adverse reactions. For example, the pregnancy reaction will become more serious, the mother’s physique will become weaker, and the development of the fetus in the mother’s belly will not not develop the fetus in the mother’s belly.Wait, what are the symptoms of zinc deficiency in pregnant mothers?What method should be used to add?

The symptoms of zinc deficiency of pregnant mothers are:

1. No appetite, and appear taste or smell disorder

After pregnancy, as the baby in the stomach gradually develops, the mother’s appetite will become bigger and more and more and more, but if there are pregnant mothers who feel that they do not have appetite, the taste and smell are not very like before.The same, this is likely to be the symptoms of zinc deficiency. Do n’t not take it seriously. Lack of zinc element will not only affect the physical fitness of the mothers, but also have a bad impact on the baby’s development in the belly.So mothers must pay attention to it.

2. Difficult healing in wounds, and it is easy to get dermatitis and so on

Pregnant mothers pay great attention to their bodies during Huaibao, so the mothers will care very much if the skin is.We must pay attention, this may be a manifestation of zinc deficiency in their bodies.If mothers can easily have skin problems, such as dermatitis, eczema, etc., this is also one of the symptoms of zinc deficiency, so mothers with these symptoms should replenish zinc in time, because if the mothers do not care for a long time, they will give birth in the future.It is easy to occur in small conditions.

What should I do if pregnant mothers lack zinc?

In addition to eating more zinc -containing foods such as nuts, walnuts, corn, etc. that we often mention, there is also a simple and effective way to drink pregnant women’s milk powder.There are milk powder that is specifically allocated to pregnant mothers. Drinking mothers not only supplement the lack of trace elements in the body, but also promote intestinal peristalsis, help the mother’s stomach, and some milk powder can also promote the metabolism of the human body, reduce fat accumulationIt is good for mothers’ skin and figure, so for mothers who lack nutrition and have no way to start, drinking pregnant women’s milk powder is both convenient and effective.

Pregnancy is a more important stage in a woman’s life. Moms must pay attention to it. During this time, they must be better to themselves so that the baby in the stomach will be healthier.

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