These symptoms show that you are pregnant, don’t hurt your fetus because of your carelessness!

My good girlfriend Su, because I have been pregnant recently, because Su Su’s menstruation was abnormal before, so menstrual period has been delayed. After pregnancy, Su Su’s body has a fatigue.I bought some cold medicines at the pharmacy.Later, after half a month, Su Su knew that she was pregnant, but unfortunately, the fetus had problems. Although she took a measure of fetal protection at the hospital, the fetus still did not keep it.

Su Su, who was just married, thought that when she was pregnant, she could be happy. I never thought that because of her carelessness, she did not pay attention to the early stages of pregnancy, so that the fetus was gone.

In fact, after marriage, women should pay special attention to their physical condition, especially women with normal husband and wife life. The contraceptives and condoms are not 100 % contraceptive. If women have these symptoms, it means that you are likely to be pregnant.Essence

1. Menstruation stop: If a woman has menopause, you must pay attention at this time, especially most women’s aunts are not allowed. Many are pushed back or early.Too nervous, if a husband and wife live in the same room in the same month, it is definitely impossible to rule out the probability of pregnancy.

2. Fine weakness: Women also have a special phenomenon in the early pregnancy, that is, physical weakness, especially the days when fertilized eggs are bed, they will feel weak in the whole body and legs.The phenomenon occurs.

3. There is a low fever: there must be a habit of measuring body temperature during pregnancy, especially after pregnancy, you must learn to measure your body temperature. Generally, your body will rise to about 37 °.The reaction of elevation will be considered a cold, just like my girlfriend, thinking that it is a cold and fever.

4. The phenomenon of frequent urination: If you rarely start at night in the middle of the night, you suddenly find that the frequent toilet began in the middle of the night, especially the frequency of the bathroom during the day also increases. If this phenomenon occurs, the probability of pregnancy is also very very likelyThe big.

Women who are pregnant will have these symptoms. If a woman is pregnant, pay special attention to her physical condition. Do not notice because of some details or carelessness, which will cause various problems in the fetus.It’s too late.

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