These symptoms of pregnancy do not have some people, I don’t know that they are pregnant for a few months

Reported in the news in the previous paragraph that a woman did not know that she was pregnant. Suddenly one day, I felt that there was always movement in her stomach. I wanted to have something to do. I thought I had a strange thing in her stomach.I have been pregnant for four months.Although there are few people in such oolong people in their lives, there are indeed some women do not know what symptoms of pregnancy are, and how to detect whether they are pregnant.

1. Mentalities:

Women who are in the age of childbearing, usually if the menstrual rules usually have sexual life after the last menstruation, once the menstrual period occurs, it should be considered whether it is pregnant.We are going to be highly doubtful whether they are pregnant.

2. Early pregnancy reaction:

In the early pregnancy, some common early pregnancy reactions will appear, such as drowsiness, weakness, loss of appetite, like to eat sour food, nausea, especially when they get up in the morning, some women may also fluctuate emotional fluctuations.Generally, these early pregnancy reactions disappear by themselves about 3 months of pregnancy.

3. Frequent urination:

With the increase in menopause, the gestational week increases, and the uterus will gradually increase and lean forward. At this time, the bladder will be compressed, causing the symptoms of frequent urination of women.It will naturally relieve and disappear.

4. Breast pain:

In the early pregnancy, women may also have breast pain, breast bloating, darkens of nipples, and darkens.

5. Other symptoms:

During pregnancy, estrogen secretion will increase, so women may also have universal symptoms such as facial and white -line skin pigmentation, deepening color, discomfort caused by uterine contraction, abdominal distension and constipation.

Generally, after the fertilized eggs, we can judge whether they are pregnant by detecting the level of HCG in the blood, but in daily life, because blood testing needs to be performed in the hospital, many women will go to the pharmacy orShop buying early pregnancy test strips, detecting the level of HCG in urine, and combining the symptoms of early pregnancy described above to screen for pregnancy.

Whether it is to detect HCG in the blood or HCG in the urine, ectopic pregnancy, nourishing cell diseases, etc. need to go to the hospital for ultrasonic examination to determine whether it is in the palace pregnancy.

At the same time, ultrasound can also determine the number of fetal pregnancy and choric membrane in the shape and number of the embryo sac, and determine the pregnancy age through the size of the embryo sac.For example, if the ultrasound is observed only the circular or pregnancy sac, it may be about 5 weeks of pregnancy. If the ultrasound can observe the germ and the original heart tube beating, the pregnancy may be about 6 weeks.

Because the menstruation of women is not necessarily regular, the probability of half the due date calculated in the last menstrual period is inaccurate, so we often measure the length of the fetal head and hip from 11 to 13+6 weeks of pregnancy to determine pregnancy to determine pregnancy to determine pregnancy to determine pregnancy.Age, determine the due date.

If you are pregnant for more than 14 weeks, we can comprehensively estimate the pregnancy age based on the fetal double diameter, head circumference, abdominal circumference, femoral length, etc.If women do not have an ultrasonic examination before 22 weeks of pregnancy to determine the due date, just based on the due date of the last menstrual period, we generally see as an inaccurate pregnancy.

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