These small knowledge of the chest, it is recommended that boys look at their girlfriends


A mysterious and sexy part

Not only bear the important responsibility of breeding life

It is also an important part of women to highlight physical aesthetics


Many people understand this part

They are still floating on the surface


Let me share a few for everyone

Tips related to chest

Girls have to watch, boys have to look more

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Girl’s chest

Will there be one big and one small situation?

Women’s chest size is inconsistent

It is very common

About 70%of women

There are differences in chest size

Sometimes the difference is still very obvious

Visible to the naked eye

This situation is usually not a health problem

It is normal physiological phenomenon

Sometimes because the hormone level in the body is different

Sometimes it is because of the growth and development process

The development of imbalances on the left and right sides

In some cases

Excessive exercise or use the arm that is biased to the side

It may also cause one side to be compared to the other side

Larger or smaller

Usually there is no need to take it seriously

But if the difference is particularly large

You can consider going to the hospital to check

Girl’s chest size

What is it determined

It is determined by multiple factors

Including genetic and hormonal levels

Weight and age, etc.


Genetic is one of the most important factor affecting the size

If the female elders at home are relatively large

Then your probability will not be small

Hormonal level

Hormone level plays an important role in size

In adolescence

The level of estrogen in women’s body rises

This will lead to increased breast tissue

So as to mature chest development

During the menstrual cycle

Change of hormonal levels

It will also affect the size


Weight is another factor that affects the size

Because the chest is mainly available

Fat and breast tissue composition

Therefore, weight gain or decrease

Will affect the size


As you get older

The level of estrogen in women will decrease

This will lead to a decrease in breast tissue

As a result, the chest is smaller

The matter of size

It will not have any impact on your life

So don’t worry about this

Not to get bigger

And being fooled by some "IQ Tax" products

What is the auxiliary milk

Is there any harm?

Auxiliary milk refers to

Other chest tissues located outside the normal chest

Usually appear under the armpits or near the back

It may also appear below


It may be due to genetic factors, hormones

Caused by factors such as weight

Women are in adolescence, pregnancy and lactation

Due to the impact of hormones in the body

Milk milk may be more obvious

Auxiliary milk itself

Will not threaten health

But in some cases

They may cause discomfort or infection

If the auxiliary milk position friction

It may cause pain and itching

Rasal and other skin lesions

If you find any abnormalities

Consult the doctor in time

Check and treat as soon as possible

What’s wrong with breast hyperplasia

Is there any harm for girls?


Is a common benign breast disease

It mainly refers to the hyperplasia of breast tissue

The thickening of related organizations and the formation of lumps


Is a benign breast disease

Generally does not have the health of women

Direct harm


Breast hyperplasia may cause pain

Symptoms such as discomfort, lumps and other symptoms

Affect the quality of life of women

It may also increase the risk of female breast cancer

Prevention of breast hyperplasia

Women can take the following measures

Keep a healthy way

Healthy diet and exercise habits

Weight control

Try to avoid drinking and smoking

Avoid long -term use of contraceptives

Long -term use of oral contraceptives

It may increase the risk of breast hyperplasia

Pay attention to mental health

Strict, anxiety, and stress

Both may affect the hormonal level of women

This leads to breast hyperplasia


Women should pay attention to mental health

Keep your mood happily, relax and comfort

Regular self -inspection and screening

Early discovery and treatment of breast hyperplasia

To prevent the occurrence of breast cancer

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