These signals tell you, you are pregnant!Particularly accurate

What are the symptoms of one month of pregnancy?Experts point out that women who are pregnant for a month have not changed their stomachs from the appearance, and the symptoms of pregnancy are not obvious, but there are early pregnancy reactions.

Benomedia is the earliest and most important "signal" in the early stages of pregnancy.Women who have always been normal and sexual life in the menstrual cycle, if menstruation is more than 10 days in the future, you should consider the possibility of pregnancy.You need to go to the hospital for examination to determine whether it is an intrauterine or gynecological disease that causes menstruation.

Most women have begun to change appetite at a period of 1 to 2 weeks.Dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, increased saliva secretion, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting may occur in one month of pregnancy.

Women who usually measure their basic physical temperature can learn from pregnancy.The normal body temperature of women is a two -way curve, that is, the lower ovulation, and the rise after ovulation.If the tide of menstruation expires, it will no longer decrease after the body temperature rises, and it is maintained for more than 18 days. At this time, it is said that she is pregnant. This is a typical changes in body temperature when pregnancy.

When pregnant for one month, women’s breasts will increase, and they will become solid and heavy.Breasts will feel full and tingling.The small particles on the dark areola around the nipples are particularly prominent.

Frequent urination is one of the common symptoms of women in one month of pregnancy.Some women can urinate once an hour, but do not rule out the possibility of gynecological diseases.

Generally, when you are pregnant for a month, many women will feel tired and weak, poor, and want to sleep.However, this period will not be too long, and it will be able to pass soon.

Experts point out that many sexual life women do not notice that they are pregnant when they have the above symptoms, because they lack the knowledge of breeding knowledge and related gynecological common sense. After understanding what the symptoms of pregnancy are pregnant, they should go to the hospital for early pregnancy examination and take early pregnancy examinations, and take them.Measures to protect the healthy development of the fetus, checking the possibility of ectopic pregnancy can be excluded and prevailing prevalent abortion.If the above response occurs, experts suggest that pregnant mothers should start paying attention to pregnancy precautions.

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