These pregnancy phenomena are that the baby tells you "I’m thirsty", pay attention!

Everyone knows that in the mother’s belly, the mother’s eating and drinking will affect the growth and development of the fetus. The older generation often says that what the mother eats and what the child eats, so the pregnant woman eats it, except for her own herself.In addition to digestion and absorption, nutrition is shared with the fetus.This is also the case including mothers drink water.

If pregnant women often drink very little water, it will not only be unfavorable to her health, but also seriously affect the development and growth of the fetus.So, do pregnant women know when the fetus is thirsty?In fact, you can look at these aspects.

Symptoms 1: Constod

Constipation is really a painful and difficult thing, especially for pregnant women, because the body becomes heavy during pregnancy, and constipation is a hateful thing.If constipation occurs during pregnancy, this indicates that the water has been drinking recently.

Reducing water in the body will not only cause constipation, but also increase blood viscosity.It also affects the content of amniotic fluid in the uterus and then affects the development of the fetus.When the symptoms of constipation occur, be vigilant, because if the symptoms of constipation cannot be relieved for a long time, mild abdominal pain, bloating, and severe intestinal obstruction can be formed to form "hemorrhoids".

In order to supplement nutrition during pregnancy, eating high -protein, high nutrition, high -fat, high -calorie foods, and even some iron -containing vitamin tablets can also affect intestinal peristalsis and affect rowing.During pregnancy, mothers did not move much, reducing the amount of exercise, which hindered the digestion of the stomach and intestines.

Pregnant women should drink more water every day, eat more moisture, eat less junk food, and eat more coarse grains to promote gastrointestinal motility.It is also necessary to carry out appropriate daily activities to develop the habit of regular stool. You can drink some honey water in the morning and promote bowel movements.

Symptom 2: yellow urine, small number of times

Many pregnant women find that they have a low frequency of urination during pregnancy, and the urine is very turbid and shows pale yellow.Generally speaking, the color of urine will change with the amount of water you consume.If you drink enough water, the color of the urine will become lighter accordingly.If you don’t drink enough water, the color of the urine will turn yellow.The more water you lack, the yellower the color.

In fact, most yellow urine comes from the aging blood cells of the human body, which will metabolize the garbage in the human body.When there is not enough water, there is less water in the bladder, and there are fewer water at the night of water and waste.Pregnant mothers must drink water in time, not only for their own health, but also for the growth and development of the fetus in the body.

When the above two symptoms appear in pregnant women, pregnant women must be vigilant.Don’t wait until the fetus tells you that he is "thirsty" before taking action.Usually pay attention to replenishing water, drinking plenty of water, working hard to exercise, developing good work and rest habits. Do not ignore these small details and damage your baby’s normal development.

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