These kinds of pain appear on your body during pregnancy. Do n’t worry about pregnant mothers. It has no effect on the fetal treasure.

When Mei Mei was 5 months pregnant, she felt particularly uncomfortable. She often had backaches, and sometimes she couldn’t get her waist.Mei Mei was worried that the fetus in her body would be affected, so she quickly went to the hospital to see a doctor.After a series of examinations, the doctor found that the fetus was healthy, and Mei Mei was shocked.During pregnancy, pregnant women often have a lot of discomfort. If these pains in the body of the pregnant mother are normal, the pregnant mother does not need to worry about it, and it has no effect on the fetal treasure.

1. Stomach pain

Some pregnant women are pregnant and do n’t have much to take their mouths. They like to eat some snacks, which will cause stomach pain. This is the fetus is resisting. As long as the pregnant woman stop eating these junk foods, the pain of the stomach will disappear.There are also some pregnant women due to fierce exercise or too tired, which can also cause their stomachs to be uncomfortable. As long as they rest, they can improve.However, if in the later stages of pregnancy, pregnant women’s stomach pain and bleeding, then the fetus may be premature. At this time, it must be unable to go to the hospital for examination.Pregnant women’s eating habits during pregnancy are very important. Try to eat as light foods as possible, match the vegetarian, stay away from junk food, and usually develop a good living and rest habit.

2. Back pain and leg pain

During pregnancy, back pain often occurs during pregnancy. This is mainly because the pregnant woman’s uterus is constantly increasing. The joint ligaments are not as firm as before. The center of gravity of the lumbar spine will lean forward, so back pain will cause back pain.During pregnancy, it is a normal manifestation of back pain during pregnancy. If back pain is serious, go to the hospital for examination in time.Pregnant women should usually wear flat shoes as much as possible. Do not dry the work of sweeping the floor and water lifting. You can also make your husband apply hot towels on his waist, which can effectively reduce back pain.

3. Breast uncomfortable

With the increase of the stomach during pregnancy, the breasts have become more plump than before. The breasts often have pain in the breasts, and the color of the areola starts to deepen. These are the manifestations of pregnancy during pregnancy. Pregnant women have to endure these discomfort.

4. Occasionally headache

Some pregnant women will have headaches during pregnancy, and they do not feel uncomfortable in other places. This headache may be caused by excessive fatigue. It should be fine for a break.If the pregnant woman also has a headache and a runny nose, this may be a sign of a cold, but the pregnant mother remembers that they must not take cold medicine at home alone, but should go to the hospital to see the doctor in time to avoid affecting the fetal treasure.

During pregnancy, pregnant women should be undergoing a lot of pressure, and they must also bear all kinds of pain in the body. Pregnant women must learn to adapt to these pains, work hard to relieve their stress, and continue to pay attention to changes in their bodies, learn some breeding of breedingKnowledge, strive to have a healthy and good baby.

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