These four types of secretions appear in pregnant women’s underwear, don’t care about it, you need to diagnose the injury in time to prevent injury

After pregnancy, the body’s body metabolic speed will become faster, so various changes may occur in the body, such as increased lower body secretions, like sweating, etc. The latter is more difficult to judge.Although it is normal for secretions, not all secretions are normal. In particular, the following 4 types of secretions appear below, which is likely to indicate that there is a problem with the body. It is best to go to the hospital for examination in time.

1. Dark coffee color

Generally speaking, when pregnant, pregnant women experience the secretion of secretions, and the color is usually tan. At this time, don’t worry too much, because this shows that the fertilized eggs have successfully bed.However, it must not be careless, because if the secretion color is dark coffee color and is also accompanied by abdominal pain, it may be caused by insufficient progesterone in the body. Once you don’t pay attention, you may cause miscarriage.

2. Blood

At the time of pregnancy, embryo fluff will compress the uterine wall, and the pregnant woman will secrete the secretion in the body, because the fertilized eggs may also appear red blood, which is very common, indicating that conception has been successful and does not have to worry too much.However, if the amount of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy is similar to that of sick leave, it is likely to indicate abortion and need to be checked in time.

3. Yellow with odor

If the secretion of the lower body is yellow, and it appears viscous, accompanied by odor, this is an abnormal phenomenon.Once this secretion occurs, pay attention to whether the lower body becomes red or itchy at any time, which may be caused by vaginal inflammation. At this time, you don’t have to worry too much. Generally, it will not cause great harm to the fetus, but it is best to see the doctor in time.

4. Transparent

If the secretion is tasteless and transparent, there may be two situations below. If in the early stages of pregnancy or intermediate, the secretion is transparent, or even wet underwear. Pregnant women should pay attention to whether the pants are too tight at any time, otherwise they should change a pair of loose pants;, Considering the transparent secretion, consider whether it is prematurely broken by amniotic fluid, you can test it through the test strip. If you don’t worry, it is best to go to the hospital for examination in time.

Summary: The increase in the increase of the secretion of pregnant women is normal. There is no need to worry too much about this. If the above four abnormal phenomena appear, you must see the doctor in time and do personal hygiene at the same time to prevent bacterial infections.

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