These foods can not be touched during pregnancy. Moms, have you recruited?


Many expectant mothers now pay more and more attention to nutrition during pregnancy, but sometimes the nutritional surplus can be lost, and many foods cannot be eaten randomly. Did you recruit it?Praise, follow!

Since pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have changed their various bad habits for the health of the baby, and they are careful and careful in their diet, that is, I hope that the baby can grow up healthily.Everyone said that a woman would realize that she was a mother after pregnancy, but a man had to wait until the baby was born before he could realize that he was a father.The middle is ten months different. During the period of pregnancy, the pregnant mother must endure various taboos silently, but they are all for the baby, so they do n’t feel hard.

However, there are often some careless pregnant mothers, rough branches and leaves. They do n’t care about diet during pregnancy. They often ignore their health of themselves and their babies. However, after the accident, the pregnant mother is regretful.These three common foods during pregnancy are sad, not only affecting the health of pregnant mothers, but also prone to fetal malformations. It is best not to touch it during pregnancy, don’t say I didn’t tell you!

During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will become bad appetite. In order to make themselves better appetite, they may choose their favorite taste. However, pregnant mothers have to be "merciless in their mouths."Children are unhealthy, and many of them originate from diet during pregnancy!The healthy and safe eating of pregnant mothers can make the baby grow up.

Don’t eat food

First, spicy and hot material.

Pepper, pepper, pepper, cumin, octagonal, cinnamon, spiced powder, etc. It is easy to consume intestinal moisture and reduce gastrointestinal secretion, causing stomach pain, hemorrhoids, and constipation.During constipation, pregnant women can solve their stools, increase the pressure of the abdominal, compress the fetus in the uterus, and easily cause adverse consequences such as fetal movement and premature birth.Many pregnant moms prefer to eat sour hawthorn, but hawthorn has an exciting effect on the uterus. Excessive consumption can cause the uterus to shrink and cause miscarriage, so eat less.Spicy and irritating foods can cause discomfort such as acceleration of gastrointestinal peristalsis, flatulence, and hemorrhoids, and should also be avoided.

Second, cold food

The expectant mother will enter the rapid development stage after pregnancy, so it is necessary to provide a good living environment for children.If you eat cold drinks and ice cream, you will have stomach pain and even diarrhea.It is also said that eating cold drinks in pregnant women will cause the cold, girls will inherit their mother, and boys will have hernia.Of course, this is just some of the scientific basis, but expectant mothers still pay attention to try not to touch these cold things.

Third, MSG

MSG is usually very common condiments, but pregnant women should pay attention to eating less or not.The main component of MSG is sodium glutamate. After combining the zinc in the blood, it is discharged from the urine. Excessive consumption of MSG will consume a lot of zinc, which is not conducive to the development of the fetal nervous system.

Fourth, fish with high mercury content

According to research, such as swordfish, sharks, horse head fish, catfish king, square fish, tuna, and king horse mackerel. These types of fish mercury content is very high, mercury is very harmful to the human body, which will affect the baby’s baby’s.Brain development will cause deformity.

Five, soft cheese

Mold fermentation and raw materials are non -Basal sterilization cheese. Do not try it easily. Such soft cheese contains bacteria such as E. coli or Listor, which may cause many serious problems for pregnant women’s health.These avoided cheese are like Root Ford, Kamayeel cheese, Gugang Zuola cheese, Fida cheese, French Burry cheese, goat cheese, blue pattern, Buli cheese, Kosablan cheese, cheese cheeseWait, because these cheese have not been treated in the processing process, it is possible to carry a variety of pathogenic germs. You can choose hard cheese such as Carsa cheese, Anwen cheese, Palma cheese, etc. The best is the best.The method is to choose a product that uses Basal sterilization milk as raw materials.

6. Excessive caffeine

The research report pointed out that caffeine will speed up the fetal heartbeat and the speed of metabolism. Therefore, it has a adverse effect on the fetus, and caffeine will also reduce the speed of the mother’s blood flowing into the uterus, thereby reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients in the supply of the fetus, affecting the fetusdevelopment.Excessive caffeine can also cause infants to be born with low weight, premature birth, and even abortion. Because some mothers are used to a cup of coffee and tea every day, it is not easy to quit at once, so it is necessary to reduce caffeine intake.It’s okay not to exceed 200 mg. Do not make tea and coffee for too long. You can try with flower tea. In addition, some soda also contain caffeine to pay attention to labels before buying, so water, milk and fresh fruit juice are the best choice during pregnancy.

7. Alcohol

If the expectant mothers drink for a long time, it will endanger the fetus and cause abortion or fetal abnormalities. The wine will enter the placenta to affect your baby’s incidence of the birth of the fetus. Adults have enzymes that break down alcoholic and discharge.The number of hangover enzymes on the body may be small or completely insufficient.Alcohol also affects the development of the cells, making it difficult for nutrition and oxygen to send to the baby’s body.This is why it is best not to drink during pregnancy. If you drink alcohol without knowing it, don’t worry too much. If your child still survives, it will be a test. Long -term concerns and restlessness will affect the fetus.And folic acid, ask the doctor to check carefully.There may also be uncomfortable symptoms of some foods (such as bananas, lemons, tomatoes, etc.) during pregnancy. It is best to consult a doctor first to understand which foods should be avoided during pregnancy.

8. Pregnant women cannot eat high sugar diet

Before pregnancy, the mothers did not consciously control the intake of sugar, and were prone to pregnancy diabetes, and after medical experts, they found that the possibility of too high fetal weight by pregnant women with high blood sugar, the incidence of fetal deformed fetal deformed, and gestational poison occurred.The number of occasions of bloodmate or the number of times that need to be caesarean section is 3 times, 7 times, and 2 times that of the pregnant women with low blood sugar.A large number of medical studies have shown that too much sugar intake will weaken the human body’s immunity, reduce the disease resistance of pregnant women, and be susceptible to germs and virus infections, which are not conducive to eugenics.Therefore, pregnant women still need to control the intake of sugar.

Nine, pregnant women cannot eat excessive salty food

After pregnancy, the taste of pregnant women often changes. Some pregnant women like salty food because of their diet habits, especially in northern residents.Modern medical research believes that the amount of salt eating is related to the incidence of hypertension, and the higher the more hypertension disease in salt photography, the higher the incidence of hypertension.Therefore, the diet of pregnant women is still light.We all say that eating more fruits and vegetables during pregnancy, but the fruits sold on the market are really uneasy.These poisons will directly poison the fetus through the blood circulation of pregnant women, which can easily cause abortion, abnormal tires, and dead tires.When buying and choosing food, pregnant mothers must choose safety and quality guarantees. Do not buy it because of greed and cheapness.In addition, you must wash it before eating to minimize the damage of pollution sources to pregnant mothers and babies.

10. Pregnant women cannot eat vegetarian for a long time

In fact, there is no lack of vegetarianism among pregnant mothers, but long -term vegetarian food after pregnancy is not good for fetal development.According to research, nutrition does not pay attention to during pregnancy, due to insufficient protein supply.The number of fetal brain cells can be reduced, which affects future intelligence.You can also cause malformations or malnutrition in the fetus.If the fat is insufficient, it can easily lead to the birth of a low -weight fetus, the baby’s resistance is low, and the survival rate is low.

Eleven, convenient food

Twelve, pickles

Pickle and vinegar pickled products, vitamins, protein and other nutrients in pickled products have been destroyed, and there may be carcinogenic nitrite, which is harmful to the fetus and mother.Essence

Eating a lot of pickles can easily cause vitamin C deficiency and stones. Vitamin C is destroyed in large quantities during the marinating process.After pickling, the composition of vitamin C is almost "destroyed by the whole army."Eat a lot of pickled vegetables, and human vitamin C is deficient.Therefore, eating some pickled vegetables can regulate your appetite and increase appetite, but if you are addicted to pickled vegetables, it is not advisable.If long -term consumption, it is easy to cause various diseases.Pickled sauerkraut contains more oxalic acid and calcium. Due to its high acidity, it is not easy to form calcium oxalate in the intestine after consumption. Instead, it will be absorbed in large quantities. Calcium oxalate will crystallize in the urinary system to form stones.

Edible food

1. Nuts

The fat of nuts is mainly unsaturated fatty acids. 60%of the brain cells are phospholipids composed of unsaturated fatty acids. 35%protein is the first nutrition for the development of the baby’s brain.Of course, assuming that the pregnant mother wants the baby to have a beautiful black hair after the birth, then eat more nut foods or black sesame seeds.

Second, catfish soup

During pregnancy, I often eat and drink catfish soup, which is also very helpful for the fetal eyes.We all know that Japanese people are intelligent, and they often eat fish.And eating fish often helps the baby’s skin.

3. Foods containing carotene and green leafy vegetables

Eating more foods containing carotene and green leafy vegetables can avoid the lack of vitamin A, B, and E.Especially in early pregnancy, the response is relatively heavy, which will seriously affect eating.Pay attention to the compensation of vitamins and trace elements.

Four, red dates

The nutritional value of jujube is very high, because it is not only rich in vitamin C, but also supplements the mother -in -law. Although the jujube is a good gestational snack, it can not eat too much, otherwise it is easy to make the mother -in -law mothers easily make the mother -in -law mother.Biech.Red dates can be eaten directly, and it can be made into red dates porridge to drink

Five, eggs

Eggs contain many trace elements. It is an indispensable nutritional food for pregnant mothers during pregnancy. It has an indispensable effect on the nervous system and development of the fetus. It can help pregnant mothers improve memory and promote the regeneration of stem cells.If anemia pregnant mothers can be paired with iron with iron, they can better absorb nutrients in eggs.


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