These conditions occur during pregnancy, which may be a manifestation of biochemical pregnancy.

Girlfriend Miao Miao has been married to her husband for two or three years, but because of the symptoms of polycystic, Miao Miao has never been pregnant. Until last month, I tested the early pregnancy test paper.So two days later, I went to the hospital for examination with my husband.I originally thought that a new member was going to add a new member at home. As a result, the results of the examination were actually not pregnant. The doctor said that although the egg was successful, he did not go to bed smoothly, so he became a phenomenon of "fake pregnancy".If these situations occur during pregnancy, it may be false pregnancy, let’s see what is!

Low blood HCG value

When women have sex, menstruation is postponed for about 15 days, and there is a possibility of conception.HCG is an effective standard for testing whether women are pregnant.Between the two values, then there may be no pregnancy, or the fertilized eggs are not successfully bed, resulting in the stop of pregnancy.

B ultrasound can’t see the pregnancy sac

After women are successful, they can see the pregnancy sac in the uterus when the B -ultrasound is tested.Some women will have normal pregnancy reactions, such as nausea and lethargy, but they cannot see the pregnancy sac when doing B -ultrasound.On the one hand, because female friends want to get pregnant too strong, they stimulate the brain and have some common pregnancy reactions. On the other hand, the pregnancy is suspended, the quality of the fertilized eggs may be too poor, and the body is directly eliminated.When the B -ultrasound is checked, the gestational sac can no longer be seen.

Early pregnancy test strips are not obvious

Some women use early pregnancy test strips. Although two bars are displayed, the traces are particularly not obvious. At this time, there will be two results. One is in the early stages of pregnancy.Invitation leads to the results of the results.Therefore, if the test strip is not obvious, you can try it a few more times, or test it every few days. If the results of the test show are negative, it means that the previous situation is likely to be "fake pregnancy."

Gray -white film discharged in the body

Some female friends have confirmed pregnancy, but after a while, the body is discharged from gray -white membranes. Some people think that this is an increase in leucorrhea, so I did not care, but the menstruation began in the later period.It’s confusing.In fact, this situation is also a manifestation of biochemical pregnancy. The gray -white membrane is an undestable placenta and molt, and the mother is excreted with the leucorrhea.

If the above phenomenon occurs, it means that there is no successful pregnancy, but female friends should not be too worried and maintain a good mentality, which is also conducive to conception.

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