These 7 kinds of the truth about essential oils will definitely break your existing cognition


Can’t use essential oils during pregnancy?

It is undeniable that pregnancy is a very special stage, especially in the first three. The mother and baby are in a dangerous period and are susceptible to harm.Therefore, in the early pregnancy, it is not recommended that expectant mothers come into contact with any essential oils, unless you are an aromatherapist who has received systematic learning.

After this dangerous period, of course, some aromatic oils can be selected in the second trimester to solve some small troubles on the body.

For example, there will be a problem of body fluid stagnation during pregnancy, and both legs and feet will have a certain degree of swelling. At this time, you can use the effectiveness of grapefruit essential oil to promote blood circulation, diuretic, and detoxification to help relieve the body’s edema.


Can’t use essential oils during the physiological period?

In fact, aromatic essential oils have very significant effects on skin conditioning and mental soothing in the physiological period, because essential oils can not only treat discomfort in the organs, but also beautifully, it can also take care of emotional problems.

For example, essential oils such as cypress trees, geranium, ginger, etc. are very good for the conditioning of the physiological period. For several symptoms, the formula of essential oils is as follows:

● Black skin color and irregular physiological period:


● Pleasant skin color and reduced menstrual flow:


● Dry skin and severe dysmenorrhea:



Can essential oils cure all diseases?

The domestic essential oil market has been in chaos for a long time, the management system is not in place, and there are not a few people who touch fish in muddy water.

In order to obtain more benefits, bad merchants often exaggerate and mistakenly promote the efficacy of plant essential oils, and pack them into omnipotent immortals.

Although essential oils do play a lot of effectiveness in physiological and psychological, it is obviously impossible to treat all diseases.Of course, daily family care can find methods from essential oils, but it is the right way to go to the hospital in the face of major medical diseases.


Essential oils have no shelf life?

Essential oils must have a shelf life. Those who have such a wrong impression must be because the shelf life of the essential oil is "short three months long and ten years long".

Essential oils are a pan -name that it refers to all essences extracted by plant, including a variety of unilateral essential oils, compound essential oils mixed with other substances, and various vegetable oils as basic oils.

Different essential oils are of course different.With unilateral essential oils, the purity of 100%of the purity of unilateral essential oils has a great relationship with the types of essential oils.

For example, we say that the use of citrus essential oils is the shortest, because its molecular is unstable and easy to transform, so the shelf life is the shortest.The most stable is wooden essential oils, such as sandalwood, patchouli and other essential oils, and patchouli essential oils even known as the daughter of the essential oil industry.Be better.


Essential oils contain hormones. Will it produce a sense of dependence when often use?

Essential oils are pure plant essence without additives. Different from drugs or hormones, it will not cause addiction and will not cause skin dependence.Because its effect is to stimulate the potential and potential of the individual, not the replacement function.

The ingredients of essential oils usually include basic chemical elements such as alcohol, aldehyde, ester, ketone, oxide, and phenol. Each chemical element reacts in a specific way and exerts its functions, thereby determining the effects of essential oils.


The higher the concentration when using essential oil?

Of course not, essential oils are pure natural substances. Due to the high concentration, even after dilution, the more dense, the better., Make your body uncomfortable, so don’t think that the essential oil is "the better the better."

In fact, there are very few essential oils for various aromatherapy, because the purity problem of essential oils may have reached the limit of safe dosage.

Take massage as an example. The most commonly used massage oil is 3%essential oil, that is, only 3 drops of essential oils are added to 100 drops of basic oil.

The concentration of essential oils from children and sensitive skin is lower than this.Sometimes the concentration of essential oils even drops to 1%, such as adding irritating essential oils to the formula.

Generally speaking, face massage only requires 5 ml of basic oil, and the whole body massage only needs 20 to 25 ml.


Can I use inferior essential oil during aromatherapy?

Girls like fragrant things, and they naturally prefer the aromatherapy essential oils that can make romantic atmosphere.

But sometimes the essential oils you like are really too expensive, especially for a variety of sweet flower fragrance essential oils, which are more expensive.

Then, the prices of essential oils with the same aroma seem to be more suitable for use as aromatherapy, after all, we just smell the taste!

The idea is good, but it is not advocated.

The effect of essential oils for regulating emotions is equally important to enter the human body to enter the human body.

Instead of inferior essential oils are often synthesized by chemicals. This "fragrance" can stimulate the nervous system, cause dizziness, chest tightness, and even adverse consequences of nausea and vomiting. It not only has no benefit to the body and mind, but also causes harm to the human body.

Therefore, if conditions permit, it is best to choose genuine essential oils, even if the quality of essential oils is lower than that of chemical preparations.

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