These 7 cases occur in the early pregnancy, and you may not pay attention to miscarriage, but be careful

When I was pregnant with Dabao for more than 40 days, Xiao Yi called me and said, "Xia Xia has brown secretions, saying that it is a threatened abortion, the doctor let the bed rest, how about you?"No! "As a result, good words cannot be said to be ahead.After speaking, when you go to the toilet, you find that there is a trace of brown discharge. Do you happen?

It happened to know the situation of Xiaxia, so I hurried to the hospital.In one check, the progesterone is low, it is necessary to keep tire treatment, and it must be bed in bed for a week.Fortunately, there was no danger. After a week, the brown discharge disappeared.

When I was Huai Erbao, I was unique, and brown discharge also appeared in more than 40 days.This time, I am not nervous at all, because I feel that as long as I take a good rest, the brown secretion will disappear myself.However, my husband is not assured, so I have to ask me to confirm, and I have to check the progesterone again. It is still low, and I still have to get an injection and take medicine.This time, the fetus was still kept during a business trip, and it was still kept.

Recently, many friends mentioned that brown discharge or bleeding occurred in the early pregnancy. According to my own experience, some of my friends, there are some information introductions. I analyze several reasons.

1. Physiological factors

At about the menstrual period, there will be a small amount of bleeding. This may be residual menstrual blood, which is physiological, and will improve in a few days without impact.

2. External factors

It is also considered affected by external factors.If you are overworked, you will cause the fetus to bed unstable. If you are bumpy, lift heavy objects, too tired, compress the abdomen, take a hot bath, etc., you will cause bleeding. You must pay attention to rest.

3. Bed bleeding

When the pregnancy eggs are bed, there will be implanted bleeding. This is because the HCG level is not particularly high. The ovarian luteal cannot be converted into pregnancy luteal. There is a small molecular endometrium.Essence

This is normal, some are excessive bleeding, some will continue the entire pregnancy, and it will come once without fixation.

4. Low progesterone

Because of low progesterone, progesterone is an important hormone to maintain pregnancy. If progesterone is low, it is not enough to maintain the stability of the embryo, and brown or light -colored blood will also flow out.

5. HCG low

Some mothers are low in HCG and are not stable in bed. They will flow out of red blood. My friend twice is the case. It is more bleeding, but then it is kept after HCG injected HCG.

6. Pathological factors

If cervical inflammation or polyps occur, a small amount of blood will also flow out, not pain and itching, but cervical polyps can be found through gynecological examination. This is because the capillaries are friction and breaks up.It is not recommended for treatment during pregnancy, which will not affect the development of pregnancy. You can deal with it when you have a child.

7, abnormal embryo

Some are bleeding due to accidents such as ectopic pregnancy and hydatidal fetus.

You see, there are actually many reasons, of which low progesterone and low HCG need to be treated.There is usually no problem, my friends and I are like this.As long as it is not an unexpected situation such as ectopic pregnancy, hydatidal fetus, etc., a rest is completely fine.

It should be performed at the hospital to do B -ultrasound, detect progesterone and HCG concentration, and eliminate accidents.

If the B -ultrasound is found in the palace, there is fetal heart and fetal buds, so you can rest assured.If the pregnancy sac is outside the palace, it is ectopic pregnancy, and it should be hospitalized in time.If there is no fetal heart and fetal buds, wait until 70 days before checking, and then wait for the next time you will be pregnant.

If the detection is found to be low or HCG, the corresponding drugs are supplemented according to the doctor’s requirements.

If everything is normal, pay attention to rest.

There are many pregnant mothers with brown secretions, bleeding and bleeding, and 90%are kept fetal. If you feel unwell, go to the hospital for examination and wish you a happy pregnancy!

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